6 Photos - May 16, 2015
Photo: I machined part of the sholders off on the brass fitting so it would sit in the carrier and made a plastic nut. The intent is that it matches the groove mount that the EZstruder can work with so well.Photo: The fitting now just sits in the EZstruder like it was made for it.Photo: The bottom piece I just drilled out with a varibit, reamed a bit with a flat screwdriver and pushed hard to get the NPT threads to bite into the plastic. As long as this bit doesn't get hot enough to soften the PLA I think I should be fine.Photo: The updated short bowden tube.Photo: A google plus auto-awesome animated gif. The right #3DBenchy failed due to a loose connection on the extruder wiring. The left one is my 2nd successful print with the new feed system. The current print is a few tweaks to get it to print faster, better.Video: Playing with the new Microsoft Hyperlapse app. Lets face it printing videos are only interesting to the people who's machine it is. The print motion is a bit twitchy, but it's a twitchy printer. The pan motion is very nice and smooth.