25 Photos - May 14, 2014
Photo: I like this cropped, but otherwise un-edited photo.Photo: The girls LOVE the camera. It's the kind that is shown on cartoons, so of course it's the bestest camera ever!Photo: Cell Phone 'film' for the Sinar large format camera. This is a 3d printed 'cell phone case' that is also a film holder for the old-school Field Camera.Photo: Over 7 feet. I am getting about 2X life size on the camera screen from 7 feet away. That's just crazy to me!Photo: A couple of shots of me hand-holding the cell phone with the CDROM laser lens to the camera lens through the Sinar camera at a box in the kitchen. This is a soda box at about 20 feet. Some SERIOUS ZOOMAGE going on here.Photo: This is what the cell phone sees mounted to the back of a Sinar monorail 4x5 large format field camera. The cell phone can't really focus on anything in particular and sees a lot of the inside of the camera.Photo: With the CD-ROM laser lens installed, the cell phone seems to want to work 'right' as far as the Sinar camera is concerned. You can get some motions out of the camera and the cell phone doesn't seem to want to loose the image.

This is looking at a computer speaker at about 4 foot away. That is a little brass screw.Photo: You can see that the cell phone can see some of the CD-ROM lens and gives that weird circle in the lower  right of this photo. The image is actually upside down, in true field camera fashion.Photo: I just love the texture and lens aberrations that this arrangement produces.Photo: I modeled a 4x5 film holder in openscad and printed it to make sure I had it right. https://github.com/creuzerm/openscad-projects/tree/master/Sinar%204x5%20Monorail%20Large%20Format%20CameraPhoto: Here I am printing a 4x5 film holder cell phone case with a spot for a CDROM laser lens.Photo: This is the CD-ROM laser lens installed into the 4x5 film holder cell phone case.Photo: My 2 options that I've made for connecting a camera to a camera. I can bolt up a 35mm or a cell phone now. Next, I think I want to make a flatbed scanner adapter to pull full frame images off of the Sinar 4x5 Large Format camera.Photo: These are the 3 options I have for loading 'film' into the Sinar.Photo: I set up this quick 'studio' in the laBOREtory so I could take some photos of the flowers.Photo: This is the first photo I took with the final arrangement. The CD-ROM laser lens was too far away from the cell phone lens, and It can be seen.Photo: Playing with the movements on the Sinar camera, I was able to start getting more then 1 element into focus at a time. This is with the Sinar shutter wide open, so it has a VERY narrow depth of field.Photo: Ah-ha! Now we are getting somewhere. A good amount of tilting and shifting gave me this image.Photo: This is the stamens from 2 different flowers. I stopped the Sinar down to around f22 for the greater depth of field, but even then it needed the tilt+shift capabilities to bring this much into focus.Photo: Just a regular cell phone shot of the Fuschia flowrs I was photographing with the Sinar.Photo: You can see the green Cell Phone film holder loaded into the Sinar. You can also see a little the movements involved - notice the twist in the bellows.Photo: I am just learning all the capabilities of this camera, but what I've seen so far, it's pretty awesome!Photo: Some more adjustments it can do.Photo: Not all the photos turned out... but luckily this was a cell phone shot and not a piece of film and an hour in the darkroom.Photo: Oohps, touched the front facing button. I bet this is the first 'rear' photo ever taken by a Sinar Large Format Camera.