8 Photos - Dec 4, 2011
Photo: I have the post made for the new face plate. The edges are ground at a 45 so I can electric weld it on.Photo: The post gets welded on like this. I am just checking square and double checking. I only really get one chance to weld it down.Photo: 2011-12-03Photo: 2nd iteration of the gas grill. Not happy with it yet. Metal plats are just doors trying to keep heat in.Photo: even broken, this works quite well!Photo: Here you can see what's left of the 1 inch stock that I hammered the 3/4 inch piece from.Photo: It's pretty easy to make metal thinner like this when you have the right amount of heat! It's a terrible amount of work when you are doing it too cool.Photo: The bar still has a little bit of glow to it. It drops right through the hardy hole! Success!