142 Photos - Oct 8, 2015
Photo: a dashing black patch will cover the hatchPhoto: are Andy and Pete spoiling for a fight?Photo: Andy thinks he has won, Pete thinks differentlyPhoto: Poacher at duskPhoto: being a pirate is all fun and games until somebody loses an earPhoto: Chris Algar and Brian BullPhoto: Cake time!Photo: Chris Algar in the pink!Photo: Unmistakably Chris WilsonPhoto: Chris again!Photo: And again! What do you mean is he my favourite Wilson?Photo: Colin HoughPhoto: The Summer Before the WarPhoto: Dave WilsonPhoto: Photo: Denise DryburghPhoto: George stole the showPhoto: Happy Birthday, NickPhoto: the sopranosPhoto: Hazel came to visitPhoto: Ingrid and BarriePhoto: We wondered if John Morris was coming back to the Peace through Folk Choir - he's in team colours!Photo: it makes you pull facesPhoto: Jane singing like a songbird, not scaring them!Photo: Janet RussellPhoto: Janet in teaching modePhoto: Mingulay Boat songPhoto: Jim Radford in full songPhoto: Jim RadfordPhoto: Sing, John BallPhoto: John Edwards sings for WalesPhoto: John Morris was on the wrong busPhoto: the wrong busPhoto: That tee shirt must be nearly 20 years old!Photo: Is Karen whistling a happy tune?Photo: Ken and Marion HallPhoto: Ken and MarionPhoto: Ken WilsonPhoto: Kip WinterPhoto: four fifths of nine tenths - you do the maths!Photo: Barbara MorrisPhoto: Magnificent Cakes!Photo: Malc and Pete give us some tunesPhoto: What's in the box, Malc?Photo: Mark RobinsonPhoto: Martin looks happy!Photo: Mike WilsonPhoto: Mingulay Boat SongPhoto: Moose RosserPhoto: Nine Tenths BelowPhoto: Wally and Sue - ordinary people doing amazing things!Photo: Pattie loves butterfliesPhoto: The LanersPhoto: Paula RyanPhoto: Pete MortonPhoto: Pete MortonPhoto: Pete ShirleyPhoto: Judith and Pete GleavePhoto: Pete Hopkins is backed by the LanersPhoto: Clive and PetePhoto: Nine Tenths Below - the farewell performancePhoto: Pete Shirley Evie and Esther BrennanPhoto: Poacher, who are also disbandingPhoto: Rosie definitely wouldn't scare any birdsPhoto: Ruth HarrisonPhoto: The Roses of No Man's LandPhoto: Scruff says helloPhoto: Sound TraditionPhoto: everyone joins in with John BallPhoto: Sound TraditionPhoto: Steve Turner sings "Lampadusa"Photo: The bunting tosser on the Sloop John BPhoto: Steve WilsonPhoto: Sue and PaulPhoto: Sue CollierPhoto: Sulis looks cutePhoto: Ted Hulse joins Nine Tenths Below one last timePhoto: The LanersPhoto: We are the Peat Bog SoldiersPhoto: Tom McConville and Janet RussellPhoto: Tom Mc ConvillePhoto: Tom McConvillePhoto: Tom Perry and Clive BrooksPhoto: Tom WilsonPhoto: Tom Perry and Clive BrooksPhoto: Tom Perry and Clive BrooksPhoto: Tom WilsonPhoto: Tony Cutler - looks like everyone's favourite uncle!Photo: A scary birds moment with Val and JanePhoto: Val WilliamsonPhoto: John, Denise and BarriePhoto: Barrie, Tom and ClivePhoto: Tom, Clive and DerekPhoto: The LanersPhoto: Dave and DavidPhoto: David, Linda and CatherinePhoto: Sound TraditionPhoto: Catherine, Moose, June, Dave and KevinPhoto: Malc and Wal - John BallPhoto: Pete Shirley says Hi!Photo: Karen HarrisPhoto: watch out Hazel, there's someone behind youPhoto: Winter WilsonPhoto: A pirate! a pirate!Photo: A pirate! a pirate!Photo: A pirate! a pirate!Photo: A pirate! a pirate!Photo: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: Assembled singers in All at SeaPhoto: audience for Peace ConcertPhoto: now you can't play in the bandPhoto: presentation to Nine Tenths BelowPhoto: Nine Tenths BelowPhoto: hopping about on a pegPhoto: Jenny and BillPhoto: it's all part of being a piratePhoto: Magnificent CakesPhoto: Janet RussellPhoto: Karen and EdPhoto: Admiring the view at AlstonefieldPhoto: Tim and Lynne ChesworthPhoto: The cake presented to Nine Tenths BelowPhoto: Do-wap chorusPhoto: or ties it on tight and then knots it!Photo: The WilsonsPhoto: Barbara, Andy and PetePhoto: Len, Tom and BarbaraPhoto: Len, Tom and BarbaraPhoto: Tom, Barbara and AndyPhoto: Len, Tom and BarbaraPhoto: Janet and Malc lead Mingulay Boat SongPhoto: How could anyone not love this view?Photo: Nine Tenths BelowPhoto: Who's tent is this?Photo: who's glasses are these?Photo: Karen and EdPhoto: your friends have to shout so you'll hear