18 Photos - Aug 19, 2012
Photo: Rick and Sandra manning the fake 50 cal.Photo: Pete and Sandra manning the not fake 50 cal.Photo: Turkey leg!Photo: A row of beautiful Mustangs.Photo: More Mustangs!Photo: P-40 Warhawk!Photo: News to me, the F-4 Phantom carried an atomic armament often enough for dedicated nuke store controls.Photo: Pete and Julie Clark (female aviation LEGEND). When asked how it was to fly my favorite plane, the PBY Catalina, she replied, SCARY.Photo: Mustangs in formation.Photo: Mustangs in formation IIPhoto: Harrier pre-takeoff.Photo: Harriers, slow pass.Photo: U-2 Flyby.Photo: A-10 taxiing and Sea Fury flyby.Photo: So grasshopper-like.Photo: Some sweet wing vortexes.Photo: Heritage flight, P-51 Mustang + A-10 Thunderbolt IIPhoto: A-10 high speed pass (in quotes)