85 Photos - Apr 3, 2015
Photo: Kiruna aiport. It's snowing!Photo: Kebnekaise fjällstationPhoto: A short ride before dinnerPhoto: Wind-packed hard snow mixed with pockets of powder. Not fun to ski during low visibility.Photo: Good morning, Láddjuvággi!Photo: Good morning, Láddjuvággi!Photo: CornicesPhoto: Harnessing Sun raysPhoto: Lower Tarfala valleyPhoto: Tarfala valley, Storglaciär and IsfallsglaciärPhoto: Tarfala valley, Storglaciär and IsfallsglaciärPhoto: Tarfala mountain hutPhoto: Let's chop some wood!Photo: Ready for a downhill ride. People are watching through the windows of Tarfala hut (the houses on top of the photo).Photo: My trackPhoto: Halo around Kebnekaise nordtoppPhoto: The Moon and a hairy mountain. My best guess is that wind is blowing snow over the mountain and creating an illusion of hair.Photo: Good morning, Tarfala!Photo: KebnepakteglaciärPhoto: Skinning towards KaskasatjåkkaPhoto: Burning mountainPhoto: Last meters to the saddlePhoto: A couple hundred meters below Kaskasatjåka you have to climb a small ridgePhoto: View from Kaskasatjåkka (2076 m), the 4th highest mountain in SwedenPhoto: Western panorama from Kaskasatjåkka (2076 m) includes 3 of the top 5 highest mountains in Sweden: Kebnekaise sydtopp, Kebnekaise nordtopp and Kaskasapakte. And it's taken from the 4th highest mountain. (Scroll over the photo to zoom in)Photo: Eastern panorama from Kaskasatjåkka (2076 m)Photo: Martin always takes such picture. We must have at least 5 of those already.Photo: Planking in the ArcticPhoto: Kaskasapakte (2043 m) and Kuopertjåkka (1914 m)Photo: From left to right: Kebnekaise nordtopp, Kebnekaise sydtopp, Lukáš' head, KaskasapaktePhoto: Me and Kolo tried to climb this mountain unsuccessfully in 2013 (read more at http://lukasov.blogspot.se/2013/04/kebnekaise-arctic-journey.html), so we made an "in memoriam" for him. I hope it's still there in the snow.Photo: Descending with crampons and an ice axePhoto: Our tracks. The top was around 36-38 degrees.Photo: Our tracksPhoto: Norra KlippbergetPhoto: People going for an afternoon ridePhoto: Burning Kebnekaise nordtoppPhoto: Typical Tarfala weatherVideo: Typical Tarfala weatherPhoto: Entering the glacier cavePhoto: Going for a ride inside a glacierPhoto: A 200-meter long glacier cave inside Pallins Halvjökel. You can make a couple of ski turns inside.Photo: Gangster ski tourers bringing it inside a glacierPhoto: The best view of the valley we gotPhoto: Man on the MoonPhoto: White everywhere you lookPhoto: Applying skins in strong windPhoto: SnowingPhoto: Cooking köttbullarPhoto: Eating köttbullarPhoto: Lukáš burying our deep-frozen food reserves in the snow next to the hut.Photo: We bought cooked eggs with a 57% discountPhoto: What to do in these long evenings? Let's read Lukáš' licentiate thesis!Photo: Another beautiful morningPhoto: Tuolpagorni is preparing for our arrivalPhoto: Getting closer ...Photo: ... and closerPhoto: Under TuolpagorniPhoto: Digging a snow pit above LáddjuvággiPhoto: A textbook Extended Column Test. Passed!Photo: Let's split him in halfPhoto: Láddjuvággi in its full beautyPhoto: Entering Tuolpagorni's couloir, about 38 degrees steep.Photo: Our switchbacks in the couloir. We started climbing soon after that.Photo: Climbing in the couloir. This was super fun to ski later on.Photo: Almost there!Photo: Tuolpagorni's bowl. Powder is ready to be destroyed.Photo: Blue and bluePhoto: Tuolpagorni's bowl, view towards LáddjuvággiPhoto: Let's go a bit closer to the SunPhoto: LáddjuvággiPhoto: LáddjuvággiPhoto: Selfie in the saddle below Tuolpagorni's peakPhoto: You need an insulin shot even though it's such a great day. It was too cold to undress.Photo: What we climbed, we had to ski down. We were scared at first, but soon realized how much fun it was.Photo: We were too tired and the snow was too deep.Photo: Láddjuvággi and our ski tracksPhoto: Our piece of work in the couloirPhoto: Resting in the SunPhoto: A selfie with a GoProPhoto: Ski tourersPhoto: Martin went for a ride while I was restingPhoto: A small appetizers before the tasty lunch - Larry's Köttbullars! Larry is the chef at Kebnekasie Fjällstation that we met in Tarfala hut a few days ago.Photo: We'll travel in the trailer behind the snowmobile. Lukáš is not looking forward to this experience.Photo: Last look towards Tuolpagorni