120 Photos - Sep 1, 2014
Photo: We started the holiday with cycling around BledPhoto: Great view towards Bled from Talež hutPhoto: Beer at Talež hutPhoto: Sava Bohinjka riverPhoto: At camping ŠobecPhoto: At camping ŠobecPhoto: KidsPhoto: Hiking to Mala MojstrovkaPhoto: Hiking to Mala MojstrovkaPhoto: At Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m)Photo: 3 philosophers at Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m)Photo: Lunch!Photo: Julian AlpsPhoto: What a view!Photo: VeronikaPhoto: Sheep eating rocksPhoto: Show your feet!Photo: Enjoying the coldVideo: Lukáš stayed 45 seconds, Peter 50. The water had 8.5 degrees Celsius.Photo: Photo: The 4 brave bathersPhoto: 8.5 degrees!Photo: Northern view from BovecPhoto: One of many selfies by RomanPhoto: Trying to catch a bugPhoto: M. BalážPhoto: Photo: 3DPhoto: Storm is comingPhoto: Hiding before the stormPhoto: Bathing in heavy rain has the advantage that noone else is thereVideo: Greetings to Slovakia from a rainy Slovenian beachPhoto: Posing in the showersPhoto: Look at the stormPhoto: Rain stopped and everyone is happyPhoto: IzolaPhoto: PiranPhoto: PiranPhoto: Happy bird getting some tanPhoto: Gulf of TriestePhoto: We tried to sleep outdoors as much as possible. A fox visited us one night.Photo: Powerless Veronika in BibionePhoto: Photo: Loptoši 2014Photo: VeronaPhoto: We saved a lot of money by not buying anything in VeronaPhoto: Piazza dell ErbePhoto: Market in VeronaPhoto: (Angry) duck facePhoto: Brothers got lostPhoto: Imitating DantePhoto: 92nd Roman's selfiePhoto: Sleeping outside (without foxes)Photo: Photo: Roman and his 5 swansPhoto: 3Photo: First glimpse at DolomitiPhoto: HotPhoto: Not so hotPhoto: Show your assetsPhoto: It tasted much better than it lookedPhoto: Photo: GPhoto: Dolomiti unsuccessfully hiding in the cloudsPhoto: It's raining too much, turn aroundPhoto: A heavy intellectual discussion interrupted by a curious photographerPhoto: It's not raining!Photo: Dolomiti in full beauty (except for the weird colours)Photo: Photo: Tre Cime from behindPhoto: Enjoying the viewPhoto: Photo: DreizinnenhüttePhoto: They would fall if it weren't for PaloPhoto: Tunnel from World War IPhoto: Tunnel from World War IPhoto: Climbing a via ferrata to PaternkofelPhoto: Snowball fight!Photo: Palo's shoe protested, so he went backPhoto: A lot of snowPhoto: Almost fallingPhoto: Acrobatics in 2600 metres above sea levelVideo: Dead-endPhoto: View from Paternkofel (2744 m)Photo: The view from Paternkofel (2744 m) towards Tre CimePhoto: We found a Polish flag on top of Paternkofel (2744 m)Photo: Climbing down is harder than climbing upPhoto: Photo: Shelters from WWIPhoto: Photo: Lukáš wanted to go higherPhoto: Simba is the new king!Photo: Tre CimePhoto: More snow!Photo: Tre Cime and flowersPhoto: Photo: A lake conveniently cooled down by ice floes. No mountain sharks here.Photo: First checkpoint: ice floePhoto: The whole scene from abovePhoto: You can buy this photo printed for 20€. Notice that Peter is sitting on ice.Photo: You can buy this photo for 15€.Photo: Photo: Jesus, give us more sun!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 40 minutes before sunrisePhoto: 40 minutes before sunrisePhoto: 20 minutes before sunrisePhoto: Sunrise!Photo: Sunrise over AustriaPhoto: Poser llamaPhoto: More llamasPhoto: More snowPhoto: Veronika and Peter went on a trip, the rest was too tired or in too much painPhoto: Repacking everything for the ride homePhoto: We almost finished the whole Granko family pack in a weekPhoto: The rest is just a blurPhoto: KlagenfurtPhoto: Superstorm on the way home