61 Photos - Apr 9, 2013
Photo: Lukáš still recovering after influenza at Kebnekaise fjällstationPhoto: Blowing snow and gusts, but Lukáš presses onPhoto: Lukáš skinning full steam aheadPhoto: Almost no wind in JöckelbäckenPhoto: Obligatory self-portraitPhoto: Láddjuvággi valleyPhoto: Láddjuvággi valleyPhoto: View from KebnetjåkkaPhoto: Kebnetjåkka glacier. Kolo's skinning track on the left, his ski tracks on the right. Apparently one of Sweden's best ski runs. Lukáš took it easy, because he was sick.Photo: On Tuesday morning it looked like the weather was improving for 5 minutesPhoto: Tarfala valley. Another day, another whiteout.Photo: ReindeersPhoto: Tarfala research station covered in snow. They apparently chose a location with the highest winds and generally the worst weather they could find in Sweden.Photo: Tarfala hut. No electricity in the hut, although it does come with a cosy wood stove.Photo: We were the only ones in the hut, so we spread our stuff all over kitchenPhoto: Going up Isfallsglaciär, it's windy as usualPhoto: Research station in Tarfala, as seen from IsfallsglaciärPhoto: Serac on IsfallsglaciärPhoto: Kolo making a track for Lukáš on Isgallsglaciär ...Photo: ... after a gorgeous sunsetPhoto: Wind is blowing and blowingPhoto: Good morning, Tarfala!Photo: Isfallsglaciär, which we skied the previous day. I think reason for the name is clear. (Tarfala hut's wood shed in the foreground, photo taken from the kitchen)Photo: The weather calmed down at Tarfala for 6 hours after a week of terrible weatherPhoto: Kolo made it without crampons. I had crampons and was 5 times faster but it took me 5 minutes to put them on.Photo: Just a few seconds before the wind got too strong and we gave upPhoto: Hiding from the wind blowing right into our facesPhoto: We gave up and went downPhoto: Back at Tarfala, again in a whiteout. We learned to distinguish hundreds of variations of white on this trip.Photo: Another 50 variations of white. Do you see them all?Photo: Kolo taking a shortcut back to Kebnekaise fjällsation via Kebnetjåkka lilltopp. The weather was good at first but then we realized this was a bad idea.Photo: Kolo bravely fighting the wind. A few minutes later it got so bad we couldn't maintain balance while standing. Skis on our backs acted as sails and the wind moved with us like pawns on a chessboard.Photo: 3 days later we're back in Kebnekaise valley on a sunny day.Photo: The winds are still at it. Lukáš is searching in his backpack for a magic wand to calm them down.Photo: Clearing upPhoto: ReindeersPhoto: Kolo passing Tolpagorni on our way to Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain.Photo: Lukáš jumped from a cliff, skis went first and then himPhoto: Lukáš skinning up towards Kebnekaise in KitteldalenPhoto: Sinnitjåkka and Tolpagorni are like brothers, they are together on most of the pictures. This time covered in an awesome combination of clouds and sunlight.Photo: Sinnitjåkka and Tolpagorni for a millionth time.Photo: ... aaand one more time.Photo: Kolo preparing for downhill skiing at Vierranvárri, the ugliest hill in the area. To top it off, it stands in the way to Kebnekaise, so you need to climb extra 200 + 200 metres.Photo: Lukáš skinning up the last meters to Kebnekaise. The wind-molded snow formations were stunnning.Photo: Awesome view from the top of Sweden. You can see 9 % of the country from here on a good day.Photo: Kebnekaise sydtopp, the top is covered by glacier and it's altitude is different every year. It's usually at least 2100 m, but it's now 20 meters less than it used to be.Photo: Obligatory self-portrait at the top of Sweden after 6 hours and 20 minutes. It was not windy, but the temperature was around -15 degrees Celsius.Photo: Kolo skiing down from Kebnekaise and enjoying the view.Photo: Climbing Vierranvárri for the second time made us hate it even more.Photo: Clouds disappeared when we passed Tolpagorni for the second time.Photo: Lukáš having fun skiing back down.Photo: Kolo having fun skiing back down.Photo: Powder!Photo: Great snow in KitteldalenPhoto: Sunset over SinnitjåkkaPhoto: Reindeers. As soon as Kolo stopped, they ran away, and then they stared as he started walking. This happened three times, until they finally decided to scuttle away.Photo: Tolpagorni. One day we need to come back and ski its bowl, then down the chute to the bottom.Photo: Kaksasatjåkka (left), Sweden's fourth highest mountain. Our summit attempt failed two days earlier due to bad weather, but at least we got to ski its glacier (middle). The glacier to the left is one of the best runs in the area, but at 35+deg, it apparently can easily avalanche.Photo: Photo: Kolo skied the Kebnetjåkka glacier for the second time on our last day (his ski tracks on the very left), when he skinned up a different route. Lukáš stayed at the hut to rest after a 9.5-hour push for the Kebnekaise summit the previous day.Photo: Recharging with an awesome buffet lunch at Kebnekaise fjällstation.