195 Photos - Aug 11, 2012
Photo: We're starting with real Italian coffeePhoto: The weather looked dramaticPhoto: Only minutes from very bad weatherPhoto: They store these cars at 2100 metresPhoto: The trip just started and we are happy, not knowing what is going to happenPhoto: Then it started hailing!Photo: First boulderingPhoto: Milan at the beginning of the chutePhoto: Steep switchback in the chutePhoto: But the sheep couldn't care lessPhoto: And this guy didn't care about the freezing weather eitherPhoto: Clouds capturing a mountainPhoto: It's getting sunny and we are happy again. Also, I fell while making this picture and hurt my arm. That's why they are laughing actually.Photo: Weather is getting worse againPhoto: Photo: Oh yeah!Photo: Our next goal was to climb the chute in the middlePhoto: LukášPhoto: MartinPhoto: Photo: We have to come back and ski down this chute when we grow up.Photo: Photo: Photo: After the rain stopped we walked through this beautiful valley.Photo: WavesPhoto: He looks like he's going to sneezePhoto: Photo: HorsesPhoto: Photo: Finally satisfied after a huge dinnerPhoto: Photo: Rifugio LavarellaPhoto: Jesus, why did you make my backpack so heavy?Photo: Photo: Maybe I can walk on my armsPhoto: Bacon saved him in the endPhoto: Hotel Pederu in a magnificient valleyPhoto: I can't walk anymorePhoto: Me neitherPhoto: I'm proud of my white hairPhoto: Italian cowPhoto: Photo: Cows everywhere!Photo: Seekofel is falling apartPhoto: Photo: A big group descending from SeekofelPhoto: Road to nowherePhoto: Seekofel is getting old and wrinklyPhoto: Photo: Suddenly it's sunnyPhoto: Look, do you see the naked girl on the other mountain?Photo: We saw Drei Zinnen for the first timePhoto: Milan enjoying his view and his legsPhoto: View towards CortinaPhoto: Pragser Wildsee, as seen from Seekofel (2810 m)Photo: Northern side is just a steep cliffPhoto: On Seekofel (2810 m) and it's hot as hell. No wind either.Photo: Photo: SteepPhoto: Photo: The first photo for our upcoming CDPhoto: They both look better like thisPhoto: Milan and LukášPhoto: Photo: It's time to explore the area after the dinnerPhoto: But there were some injuriesPhoto: After sunsetPhoto: Photo: I wanna be in the lake!Photo: Optical illusionPhoto: The most muscular guys on the beach. (Yes, we were the only ones...)Photo: Ready for the 13-degree water. It was not as cold as we wanted.Photo: We went twicePhoto: GreenPhoto: Long beach. Sadly nobody is bathing.Photo: Taking a bus now, leaving the millions of touristsPhoto: Our magnificient legsPhoto: One of many photos of me reading a map. I should make a separate album with these.Photo: Photo: MilanPhoto: Photo: RainPhoto: Exploring DobbiacoPhoto: Rain a few kilometres from us but we have sunPhoto: We got lost, let's make some dramatic pictures at leastPhoto: ReversedPhoto: Both safe back at the trailPhoto: Zwei ZinnenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Magnificient Drei Zinnen. One of the 200 pictures we took.Photo: On the other side rain is coming ...Photo: Sun raysPhoto: Photo: Sunset at DreizinnenhuttePhoto: Drei Zinnen after sunsetPhoto: ... closer and closer.Photo: But nothing really happensPhoto: I want to be in the picture too!Photo: Another picture of Drei Zinnen after sunsetPhoto: Sleeping like a superman. I also had a blue jacket, almost like him.Photo: A lightning was used as a flash for this photo. There was a storm on the other side of the mountain.Photo: DolomityPhoto: StarsPhoto: Photo: Climbing Toblinger Knoten (2617 m). My first via ferrata.Photo: Securing the carabinersPhoto: Photo: Photo: On top of Toblinger Knoten (2617 m)Photo: Descent was quite easyPhoto: Army built this in World War 1Photo: Photo: Enjoying the viewPhoto: Paternkofel, our goal for the next dayPhoto: Milan and Martin went to explore the tunnel road to PaternkofelPhoto: Photo: Also build by the army in World War 1Photo: Via ferrataPhoto: Dorm at DreizinnenhüttePhoto: Photo: Photo: HungryPhoto: What's up?Photo: Photo: Low histamine snackPhoto: Drei Zinnen (Martin, Milan, Lukáš). This will be the cover of our next CD.Photo: Photo: It was him!Photo: Photo: Photo: Look!Photo: We couldn't take enough pictures of this stunning sceneryPhoto: Paternkofel, our goal for tomorrow. There is a tunnel going through the ridge.Photo: Another one for our music albumPhoto: Dreizinnenhutte, a mountain hut with the best sceneryPhoto: Photo: Eine ZinnePhoto: In the morningPhoto: In the tunnel from World War 1Photo: Photo: Climbing PaternkofelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Almost there. This ferrata was much easier than Toblinger Knoten yesterday.Photo: Drei Zinnen againPhoto: That's my assPhoto: Photo: On top of Paternkofel (2744 m)Photo: Green-bluePhoto: RecursionPhoto: DescendingPhoto: Photo: Dolomites are full of artificial trails made by the armyPhoto: Photo: Taking a rest near a lake ...Photo: ... and sunbathing. It was very warm for 2300 m.Photo: Too shallow and warmPhoto: PoserPhoto: Our route for the next half hourPhoto: Photo: ”Wieviel wiegt es?” - ”Siebzehn kilo, kanske“ - That's how you mix German and SwedishPhoto: Photo: Milan and Zwölferkofel (probably)Photo: Another picture for our upcoming music albumPhoto: He always does thisPhoto: Feast at Büllelejoch HüttePhoto: ZwölferkofelPhoto: This is how we climbed Toblinger Knoten 1 day beforePhoto: Photo: Martin (another one for our CD)Photo: Milan (another one for our CD)Photo: Terrace at Zsigmondy HüttePhoto: Lukáš and Zwölferkofel (another one for our CD)Photo: Zwölferkofel after sunsetPhoto: Photo: Liar's dice, of coursePhoto: My ancle hurt a lot, so only Martin and Milan went on AlpinisteigPhoto: Also made in World War 1Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This one is going to be on the back of our next CDPhoto: Yummy. What's the brown stuff?Photo: Photo: I was down in the valley slowly progressing towards Sexten. It was hot.Photo: Photo: Very hotPhoto: 3Photo: Eating real Italian pizza in CortinaPhoto: Burning mountainPhoto: I broke Milan's glass in Cortina and we got a big applause from the people in the barPhoto: The pasta guy and the Proraso guyPhoto: Good morning, Cortina!