197 Photos - Oct 19, 2011
Photo: It all started in Slovakia. And I wasn't there.Photo: It continued in Stockholm, I still wasn't there.Photo: Now I'm there.Photo: They went to see the city while I was at the university, so I have to make up some text herePhoto: They jumped for no reason. They always do.Photo: This guy especiallyPhoto: I have a suspicion that they were shooting a film without me. Or just shooting.Photo: And throwing innocent strangers into waterPhoto: In Sweden guys take care of themselvesPhoto: Looks like Drottninggatan to mePhoto: I think they got lostPhoto: They finally found the famous room 1445, which will soon get its own timezonePhoto: We grabbed lunch and chilled afterwardsPhoto: Photo: Rosefingered VeronikaPhoto: They left me again and apparently were tired after lunchPhoto: Just chillin'Photo: Photo: Photo: It's Saturday, let's make some scrambled eggs!Photo: Packing the rented carPhoto: World's biggest IKEAPhoto: The car looks good and so do wePhoto: Photo: We passed some great spots on the way northPhoto: Roman decided to cut himself to get some sympathyPhoto: ... and alcoholPhoto: Our main sponsor was CuraproxPhoto: We carved the name of our expedition in the sand. I hope it's still there.Photo: Stand straight!Photo: Quite a big reindeer posing next to the roadPhoto: Arrived to Rogen, eating lunch before leavingPhoto: Photo: Once upon a time, there was a cottagePhoto: Please repair mePhoto: Take me with youPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Real men dry in the wind #1Photo: Real men dry in the wind #2Photo: We made it! But it's cold!Photo: Photo: Photo: Rainy morningPhoto: Photo: Getting ready for a 25-minute walk. By the way, I slept on the bench in the back.Photo: Photo: Sandy beaches of RogenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The trip is finally over after 25 minutes of walking.Photo: But we are going to sail even in rain and wind!Photo: Ok, not sail but paddlePhoto: Photo: We couldn't continue, so ...Photo: ... the captain got mad.Photo: Vast water of Lake RogenPhoto: StonesPhoto: Photo: Rogen mountain hutPhoto: Photo: This is where we split. Me and Roman took the longer and wetter pathPhoto: Photo: What's in the tree?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch!Photo: We witnessed some violence at the gas stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: It wasn't me!Photo: Waterfall. I'm sure it has a name.Photo: Photo: Photo: Infinite stairsPhoto: Photo: Reindeers on the road. We met more reindeers than cars on the way to Trondheim.Photo: It was cold but at least the scenery was stunningPhoto: Finally we made itPhoto: Now in one of Trondheim's museumsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 54% of VeronikaPhoto: 58% of AničkaPhoto: 76% of KoloPhoto: 23% of Roman, 3% of fat in sour milkPhoto: Photo: VinjefjordenPhoto: Photo: As you probably noticed, the pictures got a little better ...Photo: ... thanks to this guy and his camera.Photo: Stretching on a ferryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sunset in KristiansundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Eating inside on an actual table, what a luxury!Photo: Photo: Photo: Surfing on a rockPhoto: We are a band!Photo: Atlantic RoadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Just another one of Roman's posesPhoto: Photo: TrollstigenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: They built this on the top of TrollstigenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Taking another ferryPhoto: GeirangerfjordPhoto: Photo: Photo: GeirangerPhoto: Some of us tried the water in the fjord. I think it was 13 degrees.Photo: Photo: Geiranger from the other sidePhoto: Photo: Photo: It's cold! Do you see the snow? And they are going to bath!?Photo: The real men got into the water.Photo: Photo: We found a double rainbow. Everyone became happy.Photo: And we also found a perfect camping right next to a riverPhoto: Nice colors on a bad picturePhoto: Our tents with coloured skyPhoto: In LomPhoto: At Glitterheim mountain hutPhoto: Bicycle for hire -- in English, Norwegian and Slovak? Why Slovak? We haven't met any Slovaks.Photo: Photo: It's 8:30 in the morning and we are at 2000 m. No snow here yet.Photo: We saw Glittertinden (2465 m) for a few seconds. There was new snow as well.Photo: The Clouds of JotunheimenPhoto: The view from Glittertinden (2465 m)Photo: At the top at 9:30 but this is just the beginningPhoto: Photo: CrevassesPhoto: We continue towards lake Gjende. About 20km left.Photo: 20 km from us the others are just starting at 12pmPhoto: Photo: The weather improved and it finally got warmPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sandy beaches of NorwayPhoto: Kolo slept for 30 minutes. I walked barefoot on sand for 25 minutes.Photo: Photo: This reindeer posed for me from the best angle for 20 seconds.Photo: At BessegenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Enjoying the weather and view. I guess. I wasn't there.Photo: Photo: Me and Kolo are in Memurubu waiting and taking picturesPhoto: Photo: Are we there yet?Photo: Next morning. The water has ideal 8 degrees!Photo: Let's go againPhoto: Photo: Photo: The height difference of these lakes is about 400 metresPhoto: Students, this is a waterfallPhoto: Photo: GjendesheimPhoto: Oslo at nightPhoto: Photo: That's not a statue, that's RomanPhoto: Whaat?Photo: I'm tired as hell. We all are.Photo: Except Veronika ...Photo: ... who carries the rest of usPhoto: The others flew back, so it's time for some climbing at Hauktjern near Oslo with KoloPhoto: The crag was right next to a lakePhoto: He's moving so fast that every picture is blurredPhoto: The life of a spider in Glaskogen must be awesomePhoto: Good morning Glaskogen!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The end. It was awesome 11 days.