78 Photos - Nov 19, 2015
Photo: The sea welcomes us with heavy rainPhoto: Photo: We went for a short hike after finding a camping spotPhoto: We went for a short hike after finding a camping spotPhoto: Fractals!Photo: Evening ridePhoto: Evening ridePhoto: 7pm and the Sun is still highPhoto: We pitched a tent but no one slept in it. Almost no mosquitoes outside.Photo: Moon on the left and an unidentified insect on the rightPhoto: Photo: Finally getting dark at 11 pmPhoto: Same view as previous photo in the morningPhoto: Stopping at HjälmöPhoto: Ducks!Photo: Big wavesPhoto: Lidö VärdshusPhoto: Lidö kvarnPhoto: Swan family chose a vacation by the seaPhoto: Snake hiding in blueberriesPhoto: View from GisslingöPhoto: SeagullPhoto: It's amazing that the tree managed to survive on so little soilPhoto: BlueberryPhoto: Fractal mossPhoto: Calm waters at IngmarsöPhoto: Unknown water creature with many small legsPhoto: Chilu and me near the Ingmarsö-Finnhamn channelPhoto: You can cross the channel between Ingmarsö and Finnhamn with a rowing boat (on the left).Photo: Chilu working hard. We didn't hit the rock behind him, by the way.Photo: Photo: Clear sea water at Finnhamn bryggaPhoto: Finnhamn bryggaPhoto: We thought we wouldn't be able to pass through at first. It turned out to be a channel made for kayaks.Photo: Another creature with many small legsPhoto: Seagrass-wrapped stones, packed for your convenience.Photo: This would have been a great place for a camp, but there were millions of ants thinking otherwise.Photo: Möja skärgården, taken from KolkbötePhoto: Cross spiderPhoto: Before sunsetPhoto: Mirror sunset at KolkbötePhoto: I woke up at 5:00 AM to catch the sunrise.
At Kolkböte.Photo: Bay at LökaönPhoto: Easy paddling on a calm seaPhoto: Marc in MöjaströmPhoto: FjärdlångPhoto: Happy people and happy sheep at FjärdlångPhoto: Photo: Photo: Lenka's smile didn't disappear despite 14-degree waterPhoto: Kirill jumping inPhoto: Photo: Great view from the highest point of Fjärdlång.Photo: IvaPhoto: Blueberry forestPhoto: Photo: Don't throw moss at innocent photographers!Photo: Another huge cross spiderPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dragonfly and lichenPhoto: LingonberriesPhoto: Lonely mushroomPhoto: DragonflyPhoto: Photo: AngöPhoto: AngöPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kirill and Marc eating dinner while enjoying a great viewPhoto: Sunset far awayPhoto: Dew and a wet sleeping bag. This is what you get for sleeping without a tent.Photo: The best hotel in the Stockholm area. Cost: 0 SEK. Experience: priceless.Photo: Our bay at AngödrommenPhoto: Seals!Photo: Kirill posing with sealsPhoto: A seal checking up on usPhoto: Enjoying the last sun rays of the season