16 Photos - Mar 17, 2013
Photo: Ficus Fig trees with very thin canopies, Santa Barbara, CA, May 13, 2012Photo: The very thin canopy of a Ficus tree, and black traffic dust on an office buidling in Santa Barbara, California, July 15, 2012.Photo: Ficus trees with extremely thin canopies, Santa Barbara, CA. 2012.Photo: Oak tress in Oak Park, Santa Barbara, California, Feb. 11, 2012Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Avocado stressed from air pollutants, Santa Barbara, CA, March 9,  2012.Photo: Photo: Ficus-canopy barePhoto: Photo: Magnoila crowns August 2012 Santa BarbaraPhoto: Magnoila trees August 2012 Santa BarbaraPhoto: Avocado crown 2012 Santa BarbaraPhoto: Ficus tree canopy Santa BarbaraPhoto: