29 Photos - Mar 31, 2012
Photo: Photo: Love and Romance by ZZS Designers Font PS CS2Photo: One More Year by Angelle Designs Fonts Love Letters, HeartBlack Letter and Heartland Regular PS CS5Photo: pring Felling Kit by 2AM Designs Spring Feeling Journaling Cards by 2AM Designs Paperbags Adorned by 2AM Designs Spring Feelling Alpha by 2AM Designs Font Mistral PS CS5Photo: Here There by Studio 68 Font John Handy LET PS CS5Photo: A Mothers Memories by Brine Designs Font Flores PS CS5Photo: Photo: Photo: Template - Believability 2 by Scraps by Andrea Alpha and heart - Believability 2 by Tea Scrapbook Designs Heart papers - Believability 2 by Catia Cunha Corner, pink flower, craft paper - Believability 2 by Carola Mondini Branch, brown flower, striped paper, heart string, love tag - Believability 2 by Cinnamon Scraps Owl - Believability 2 by Erica Mathia Borders, paper flower, shoelace, paper with colored border - Believability 2 by Glayce Cavalcante Natural flowers and leaves, ball paper - Believability 2 by Graziela Mendes Bird, blue paper, ribbon - Believability 2 by Julia Fialho Font Segoe Script PS CS5Photo: Stories by Pik Reptile Designs Font Rosewood Std PS CS5Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Easy to start vol. 12 by Camomile Designs Beyound the obvious by Caroline S PS CS5Photo: Summer Notebook by ValC Borders - Delicate paper lace by 2AM Designs Grunge Touch Alpha by Angelle Design PS CS5Photo: Green Day by Jen Maddocks PS CS5Photo: Picadilly by Jeanye Labaya Papers - Summer Memories by T For Me Alpha - Happy Days by Studio68 and Boutique Cute Doll Elements - Colorful World by Kokon PS CS5Photo: Template - Easy To Start Vol. 10 by Camomile Designs Tear it off by Angelle Designs Alpha “Antonia”, dog plates, brown tag, branch, blue flowers, dog house, blue frame, bone, dog footprints, dog, brown border, brown and blue papers - For Billy by Caroline S Alpha “Bethania”, cat, cat border, leaves, fish, cat plates, gray frame, mouse, yarn, pink flower, brown flower, white flower, green and red papers - For Maunzi by Caroline S PS CS5Photo: Quilt Template 5 by Jen Maddocks Sleep Tight Collab by Camomile Designs and Alabama Preset Petals Font Ogdred Weary PS CS5Photo: Sea Adventure by Camomile Designs Font Aquarium PS CS5Photo: Photo: Fotos by Roberta Ruschi

Summer Sunshine by Giny Scrap Perforated Photo Masks 1 by Giny Scrap Botanical Blends 1 and 2 by Giny Scrap Fonts Heartache Teen Crush and Crayon L PS CS5Photo: Summer Sunshine by Giny Scrap Green paper - Simple Colorful by Giny Scrap Horoscope Signs 1 by Giny Scrap Perforated Photo Masks 2 by Giny Scrap FontS Heartland Regular and John Handy LET  PS CS5Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: