39 Photos - Aug 3, 2011
Photo: Let the photos begin! NOT Maui. 3 hour layover in Denver first.Photo: So I'm renting a room in a house in Lahaina. This is the pet pig that lives here.Photo: Another one of my roommates in MauiPhoto: This is the view from my bed as I eat pita chips and hummus and email with a pretty girl after sleeping in. I am embracing the "island life".Photo: The view from the end of the street I'm staying on.Photo: One of the many beautiful views I've come across. they seem in endless supply here.Photo: In front of "The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company". A suitcase, a box of chocolates and a running shoe. The plaque has a quote from Forrest.Photo: A cool tree that caught my attention.Photo: I think it's required by law that you have to take this picture when you're in Maui.Photo: Another favorite view I stumbled across while Geocaching.Photo: First geocache found in this awesome Epic tree!Photo: "Saphira's Teeth". I'm walking on LAVA! LAVA, PEOPLE!Photo: I'd forgotten how much I love geocaching because it gets you off the beaten path exploring places you might never have seen.Photo: Oops. I may have overdone it a bit with no sunscreen.Photo: The view from the rehearsal dinner.Photo: Dessert. Hula pie as big as my face.Photo: 'Iao Valley State ParkPhoto: 'Iao Valley State ParkPhoto: The 'Iao NeedlePhoto: The 'Iao NeedlePhoto: Ok, seriously. I am standing high atop a lava formation in high winds being sprayed by ocean mist. This is incredible. This is BEING ALIVE!Photo: 'Iao Valley State ParkPhoto: 'Iao Valley State Park, a small dropoff right at the edge of the slippery dirt trail.Photo: 'Iao Valley State ParkPhoto: This bird joined me for dinner in HanaPhoto: The view from my seat at the wedding at The Plantation HousePhoto: The view from the bar at the reception.Photo: The view from my table at "Cheeseburger in Paradise"Photo: Watching the sunset on my last night in MauiPhoto: At the summit of Haleakala, the world's tallest dormant volcano to watch the sunrise.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The "Silver Sword" plant which only blooms once in its life and then dies. Very rare to see one in bloom. Happens only once in about 50 years.Photo: My last beach walk before heading to the airport. Watching the kiteboarders.Photo: Same walk, view to my left. Mountains poking up into the clouds.