151 Photos - Apr 15, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Volunteers from local collegesPhoto: Girls from Troop #5510Photo: Troop # 5510Photo: Olympic Village TentsPhoto: Troop # 6316, The Do-si-dosPhoto: Go Do-si-dos!!!Photo: Troop# 0608, The Pink PanthersPhoto: Troop# 6414, Team SquirrelPhoto: Squirrel ShirtsPhoto: Photo: Becky Traweek with Troop #6236 and Mascot.Photo: Bethony Blackmon and Silvia Lauderdale from Troop # 6236Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Troop # 7106Photo: Photo: Troop # 5885Photo: Team AprilPhoto: Team April!!!Photo: Flag CeremonyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Olympic Arena was fullPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Egg TossPhoto: Brittany Burkeen catches an egg, while her opponent doesn't fare so well.Photo: Pamela Williamson from Troop # 6531 pets a hungry goatPhoto: Traci making it happenPhoto: Aria Blackard and Grayson Bounds racing towards the finishPhoto: Troop # 7304Photo: Angie Miller and Dribble Dash Silver Winner, Zykeria ColePhoto: Jade McMurry, Kamryn Mixon, and Allicha Sanders polishing up their shooting skillsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Destinee Arrogo, Troop # 6176Photo: Photo: Kelsey Powell, Troop # 6414Photo: Water SportsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dijonai Ruffin paddling a canoePhoto: Photo: Amanda having a blast!Photo: Photo: Gabrielle Kennedy and Kacy Muffler working as a team.Photo: Helina Keys from Hopewell in school program, paddles for her first time and wins GOLD in the canoe event.Photo: Helina Keys paddles for goldPhoto: Ashley doing it Girl Scout Style :)Photo: Petting ZooPhoto: Photo: Claire Christiensen (Troop # 6095) and Jamiya Henry (Troop #5058) pet a Guinea PigPhoto: Cailey Ferrell from Troop # 7307 enjoys a pony ridePhoto: Photo: Photo: Natalie Crapps from Troop # 7094 lets her pony grazePhoto: Photo: Look at all those busses!!Photo: Fashion Winner, Kadee Rolkosky, Troop # 5308Photo: Photo: Dijonay Keys and Paris Lewis face off in the Javelin ThrowPhoto: Leena Mason, Madison Decoteeau, and Keyora Mitchell, (Troop# 6033) show off their medals.Photo: Alicia Young and Isabel Isgar from Troop # 5510Photo: Alicia Young, (Troop# 5510)
 shares her swaps with the councilPhoto: Macey Wilson and Natalie Crapps compete in the Johnny Appleseed eventPhoto: Natalie Grover (Troop 6176) loves her face paint.Photo: Troop# 0608 competes in Hut Hut HikePhoto: Kayla Berry and Grace Baldridge get ready to Hut Hut Hike.Photo: We had the best volunteers!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Face Painting!Photo: Glitter Face Tattoos at the GSGMS ShopPhoto: Andi Luckett (Troop# 7265), watching her VolcanoPhoto: Kate Gallardo, (Troop# 6236) drops a winner in the Volcano EventPhoto: Amanda Beach, (Troop# 7106) sails in at her relay racePhoto: Terri Garrett, (Troop# 0608) pushing through to finish her relayPhoto: Photo: Half Mile Relay Winners, Hopewell in School GirlsPhoto: Swaps :)Photo: Photo: Troop# 0608, The Pink Panthers, Celebrate their big wins for the day!Photo: Karen, Christy and Necole from the Girl Scout Council  Jackson OfficePhoto: Anne Marie Sullivan and Katie Palmer, (Troop# 2831) face off in a Hula Hoop contest.Photo: On Right- Micaiah McDonald  (Troop# 5221) competes in the Elephant MarchPhoto: Micaiah McDonald  (Troop# 5221) competes in the Elephant MarchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Journey Houston and Alandra Clark (Meridian In School), face off on the GladiatorPhoto: Zameria Hill and Destiny Johnson from In School Meridian, having a blastPhoto: Meridian in School GirlsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kayla from (Troop# 0608) pecking around the petting zooPhoto: Morgan Phelps, and Diamond Harris (Troop# 6133) show Alicia Young (Troop#5510) a fluffy hen.Photo: Keyondria Tarleton  and Madison Lindsey (Troop 6147) compete in the Dribble Dash.Photo: Keyondria Tarleton (Troop# 6147)Photo: Angela James and Taylor Watson (Troop# 6147)Photo: (L-R) Alexzandra McDaniel, Hannah King, Madison Lindsey, Baliee Honaker, Bianca Hollis hanging out with the girls :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Brownie Troop # 2831 and their Gold Medals for the Relay racePhoto: Troop# 5116 and their Silver medals for the relay race.Photo: Troop# 5058 displays their Bronze medals from the relay racePhoto: GSGMS employee, Cantrell Keyes gets the girls ready for tug-o-warPhoto: Photo: The Do-si-dos (Troop# 6316) giving it all they've got.Photo: Troop Beverly Hills, (Troop# 7343) gets pumped upPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Troop # 6236 pulling with all their might!Photo: Becky Traweek and the parade of winners.Photo: Parade of WinnersPhoto: Parade of WinnersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Parade of WinnersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Olympic Friendship CirclePhoto: Olympic Friendship CirclePhoto: Photo: Photo: Troop # 7106 The Dogwood DivasPhoto: Troop 5120 packing up to leave for the dayPhoto: Troop # 6102, The Mustache Misfits had a blastPhoto: Troop # 6102, The Mustache Misfits giving their best Charlie's Angels pose :)Photo: Dogwood Divas gave Christy at GSGMS, her very first swap. So proud!!