26 Photos - Jul 15, 2013
Photo: A sign on one of the classrooms in school says it all.Photo: That 1983 batch of Bhagee, Shirley, Cherie, Mac Philip walk in to the OGA stadium for the inauguralPhoto: Manoj, Nimmi, Debbie, Marlon, Becky, Rani, Sheila head to the inauguralPhoto: Brenda Austin, Kevin Mackenzie and Brian MacDonaldPhoto: Debbie Fox's beautiful daughtersPhoto: Sattar and Noel flank the Chairman Mr Wood as they head in to the OGA stadium. Mathew 'Steven Johnson' Varkey in the background on the phone!!Photo: Nimmi and DebbiePhoto: Manoj and Debbie meet Past-President Shekhar. PC , Gerald Corfield and Narayanan in the backgroundPhoto: The crowd seated for the inaugural - Thamil looks onPhoto: Photo: Photo: YOGs - happy to be home!Photo: Becky from the US, Shirley from the UAE and Debbie from Australia all set to let the pigeons off as a symbol of the start of the reunionPhoto: The pigeons are gonePhoto: One of them decides to stay and watch the reunion unfold! Possibly because the fireworks outside scared her!Photo: Registration proceeds apacePhoto: Paul C, Lyndon Royle, Jayaprakash, ParthasarathyPhoto: Fast and furious action on the basketball courtPhoto: Shankar Ram, Manoj, Daryl, Conrad D'costa - the cold got to them it would seem because they've got themselves Laidlaw hoodies!Photo: Ready to watch the basketball matchPhoto: Sharon and Beulah (Shekhar's wife) hit it off like a house on fire!Photo: Jainey Alex, Debbie, Sheila, Sudha, Sharon and Jen arrive for breakfast on Saturday morning.Photo: The score says it all!Photo: May I make my own coffee please - Sharon pleads with Mr Sinclair the steward!Photo: Those cheerful present students who served us our foodPhoto: Happy faces, happy girls.