75 Photos - Mar 18, 2013
Photo: A great message to takeaway from InverlochPhoto: Birthday girl Dianne Eustace at home with grandsonPhoto: Raja by Nigel's barPhoto: The Coimby boys with OGs at Dianne and Nigel's homePhoto: The Coimby boys in Inverloch, Victoria, AustraliaPhoto: Photo: JP, Harish, President, Arif and Raja at InverlochPhoto: The Coimby boys with Wendell and Neville Hopegood and Brian Lemerle (Stanes, Cbe)Photo: Henry Marriott, Glenville Wright, Billy FowlerPhoto: Dianne and Nigel Eustace - Rhona Johnson in the backgroundPhoto: Celebrating Henry's and Dianne birthdayPhoto: Tasmanian devils asleepPhoto: Photo: Tasmanian devil up and aboutPhoto: Coleen Desa - wife of Ricky DesaPhoto: Shelley beach Victoria - Coleen, Bob Jenkins, Ricky Desa, Noel, JP, Harish, Raja, Arif, Jaiku, Karthik, Sherry Ann Royle, Sudha, Nigel, Adele EustacePhoto: Anna Yates from the UK with Henry MariottPhoto: Gary Webber with school sweetheart and wife Heather (nee Hogg)Photo: Glen Cumine with partner KiranPhoto: Juene Tims with Kitty Fowler (nee French) background Theo, Marcelle Eustace, Adele Eustace, Sherry Ann RoylePhoto: Brendon Nelthrop, Mescal, Glen Cumine, Noel, Kiran, Harriett White and husband Richard Pears, Sudha, Gita and John CastellasPhoto: Indeed the fabulous OGEES - Glenville Wright, Neville Hopegood and Trevor FernandesPhoto: Ricky and Colleen DesaPhoto: Bob Jenkins, Colleen and Ricky Desa and nephew Dwayne from CanadaPhoto: 'Hotpants Hariett and gang' represent Western AustraliaPhoto: Photo: 'Three Nuns' look out over Cowes beachPhoto: Jonathan Livingstone SeagullPhoto: Photo: Going Tropical John and Gita CastellasPhoto: Brian Lemerle, Trevor, Genevieve, John C, Noel and SudhaPhoto: Henry goes TroppoPhoto: Photo: Juene and SudhaPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Coimby boys belting out Surangani!Photo: Peter Steers sings Oh to be in England!Photo: Classmates Glenville Wright, Adele Eustace, Trevor Fernandes, Odette JohnsonPhoto: Noel and RodneyPhoto: Rodney Waples, Gloria, Nigel, Gita, Dianne, John C, Wendy and Trevor F, Genevieve Tennant - the organisers of a fantastic reunion in Inverloch.Photo: Debbie receives Noel and Sudha at the church turned Bavarian barPhoto: Stained glass window with Christ looking on into the barPhoto: Sudha and DebbiePhoto: Debbies decides I had to feature among the pics with the bar behindPhoto: Sorry about the out of focus pic but Juene really surprised us!Photo: Annalie, Sistah Sharon, Farah, Sudha, Debbie, Rupinder (waitress), Noel, Juene, Kevin LewisPhoto: David and AnnaliePhoto: Juene and GarryPhoto: Photo: The Begum and FarahPhoto: The Nawab and the BegumPhoto: Bavaraian sausage platter anybody?!Photo: Garry, Sharon, Debbie, Farah, SudhaPhoto: Kevion, Garry, Sharon, Annalie, Debbie, Juene, Farah, Noel, SudhaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Seen at the Australian Customs house, Circular quay in Sydney - funnily they have such stone inscriptions for India and Calcutta! Still trying to figure out the significance of that!Photo: Coat of Arms over the Australian Customs House in Sydney - Circular quayPhoto: Seen at the Australian Customs house, Circular quay in Sydney - funnily they have such stone inscriptions for India and Calcutta! Still trying to figure out the significance of that!Photo: Noel laying out the dinner table for us at his beautiful home!Photo: One of Garry's gastronomic masterpiecesPhoto: The ubiquitous Aussie RosellePhoto: Great message indeed!Photo: More Aussie wildlife, fast asleep on a EuckyPhoto: Wild BanksiaPhoto: With Hari (David's brother-in-law) and Theo atop the Adelaide hillsPhoto: Wild olives all overPhoto: Aussie wildlife in the Morialta conservation park.Photo: Adelaide from up in the Adelaide hillsPhoto: Fungal artwork on fallen Eucalyptus bark in the Morialta Conservation park outside AdelaidePhoto: Rev Reggie Wynne with wife FredericaPhoto: Rev Reggie Wynne, student, teacher and chaplain at SGHPhoto: Rev Reggie Wynne with son, daughter, wife and their spouses and children