35 Photos - Sep 17, 2012
Photo: Love the colours of this NymphaeaPhoto: Sattar is met by Bhagee at NRK's White HousePhoto: Narayan (affectionately known as Korava) takes a well earned rest after slogging it out till 0300hrs the previous night getting things ready for our arrival.Photo: Baba tucking into Puri and bhaji while Jen sips on her coffeePhoto: Doc Jimmy, Singappa Raja, a pensive former first lady Viji, Sudha and KokibenPhoto: Viji in a very thoughtful mood.Photo: Aparna Murali arrives at the White HousePhoto: Wish that butterfly would sit still for a while!Photo: Shanaz arrives at the White House ready for a wetting at the five fallsPhoto: Kalayappan, Sattar, Shekhar, Raja, President Jaiku and Doc Jimmy at the Five Falls.Photo: Baba  and Duck join in for another picture at the Five fallsPhoto: Tasha and Sheila getting soakedPhoto: Lots of folks lots of waterPhoto: A close up of the Five fallsPhoto: Time for some business - Jaiku readying for the Ex Com with VivekPhoto: A Karthik, Baba, Jaiku and Bhagee on the daisPhoto: Sattar reviews  the Fete at the last reunion.Photo: The quorumPhoto: This was a lovely pristine stream up near a small dam that Shekhar took us to - got wet again and enjoyed the water! Thats Uday's son Aditya with Shekhar and Doc Jimmy.Photo: Back at the White House it was time for the bonfire and barbecue - Raja and Doc J are nearest to camera.Photo: Amazingly tasty barbecued chickenPhoto: It was Shanaz' birthday so we celebrated and this was the cake that was arranged.Photo: Shanaz blows her candles with a little help from Thamil!Photo: Sheila enjoys the barbecued chicken - it was finger licking good.Photo: Sandeep, NRK, Sattar and ShakyPhoto: The fireworks begin - Sudha entertains Adhish, Karthik and Tamilarasi's son.Photo: The bon fire is done!Photo: Jen, Sudha, Vivek, Doc J, Sheila, Shekhar and Thamil at a picturesque spot enroute to Shenbagadevi temple and falls.Photo: Viji and yours truly joins in, all sweaty and sticky from the effort of climbing up!!Photo: The Chitraar flows downhill towards the Main falls of Courtallam.Photo: Thamil, Shekhar and Doc getting soaked at Shenbbhagadevi fallsPhoto: Invoking Shenbhagadevi AmmanPhoto: The Palaruvi falls - what a beautiful site it was - some distance from Courtallam we drove there on Sunday afternoon - had to cross over to Kerala to experience this one.Photo: Sattar, Doc Jimmy, Sheila, Jen and Sudha ready to head back to base.Photo: The sun sets on yet another lovely OG do.