45 Photos - Aug 11, 2013
Photo: First top of the day - Fan GyhirychPhoto: Ready to start walk from old Pont Gyhirych car park in sight of Fan GyhirychPhoto: Reasonably distinctive footpath visible to Fan GyhirychPhoto: Still undecided about ascent up left or right sidePhoto: Right side?Photo: Left side? - At best a rocky scramble at worst, stop you in your tracksPhoto: Will choose right side. Follow path then stream to summit area up 2nd gully from rightPhoto: 30 minutes later can confirm fairly easy approach up gully to summit areaPhoto: Looking back at Cray reservoir beyond walk start pointPhoto: As you clear the gully cairn appears ahead and to the rightPhoto: Shortly after the trig point straight aheadPhoto: Fan Gyhirych trig point, looking west. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Fan Gyhirych trig point with the high point near the cairn in the distance. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Fan Gyhirych high point somewhere between here and the cairn in line with trig point.Photo: Fan Gyhirych cairn,Fan Hir & Cefn Cul [Waun Leuci] beyondPhoto: Looking left and south from east ridge of Fan Gyhirych, direct route to Fan FraithPhoto: Before turning right to Fan Fraith you can see Fan Nedd aheadPhoto: To your left is Yr Allt beyond Nant Gyhirych plantationPhoto: And further to the left is Cray Reservoir, final leg of walk along, Nant Gyhirych gulley to car and walk finishPhoto: Fan Fraith towards Fan Gyhirych. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Fan Fraith looking east towards Fann Nedd and Pen y Fan beyond. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Fan Fraith. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Lunchtime view of Fan Nedd the next summitPhoto: Looking towards Fan Nedd, infant Nant Fechan meandering through valley between Fan Fraith and Fan NeddPhoto: One of the many paths that seem to contour around and slightly up Fan Nedd SlopePhoto: The lower Fan Fraith on the left and Fan Gyhirych beyond centrePhoto: Southern slope of Fan Nedd after tough ascentPhoto: Headin north, very soon Fan Nedd trig point comes in to viewPhoto: Fan Nedd trig point from the south. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Fan Ned with Pen y Fan & Corn Du beyond. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Soon after leaving trig point heading north distinctive cairn comes in to viewPhoto: Afon Senni valley towards Blean-Senni from cairn at northern end of Fann Nedd ridge. http://stevejsmith56englishnuttalls.blogspot.com/2013/08/fan-nedd-fan-fraith-fan-gyhirych.htmlPhoto: Pen y Fan fro Fan Nedd cairnPhoto: View of the day. Afon Senni valley towards Blean-SenniPhoto: Yr Allt summit area from fence cornerPhoto: Yr Allt and my rebuilt cairn. Fan Nedd beyondPhoto: soon after leaving Yr Allt can see path we need to head towardsPhoto: But tend to the right and head for the right side of the plantationPhoto: Very difficult terrain on open access boundary with Nant Gyhirych plantationPhoto: Looking back on route taken along plantation boundary. It would be a difficult bog trot in winter and possibly any other timePhoto: Looking back at dismantled tramways. Not as obvious as you may think.Photo: Cray reservoir and welcome site of walk finish pointPhoto: The old Pont Gihirych. They don't build em like that anymore (Thank goodness)Photo: Fan Gyhirych beyond Nat Gyhirych from from old Pont GihirychPhoto: Welcome sight of car at walks end