26 Photos - Sep 19, 2011
Photo: The original, line-mode WorldWideWeb browser (pre-1993)Photo: The original WorldWideWeb browser (1993)Photo: The first World Wide Web page (November 3, 1992)Photo: Yahoo! (1994) - Source: http://kottke.org/plus/misc/yahoo-1994/Photo: White House (ca. 1994)Photo: Microsoft (April 1994)Photo: The (electronic) Telegraph (November 5, 1994)Photo: MSN (ca. 1995)Photo: Craigslist  (ca. 1995)Photo: Dell (ca. 1996)Photo: AltaVista (October 1996)Photo: The New York Times (November 12. 1996)Photo: Google (1997)Photo: Apple (March 12, 1997)Photo: BBC News (December 1, 1998)Photo: Amazon (ca. 1999)Photo: Blogger (ca. 1999)Photo: Wikipedia (2001)Photo: MySpace (ca. 2003)Photo: Flickr (ca. 2004)Photo: YouTube (ca. 2005)Photo: (The) Facebook (ca. 2005)Photo: (The) Facebook, once logged in - Some "drunk pictures" already... (2005)Photo: twttr, the "protoTwitter" (ca. 2006)Photo: Twitter (ca. 2007)Photo: For comparison: Google+ (September 19. 2011)