30 Photos - Oct 1, 2012
Photo: Hotel Transylvania Party with Smart & FinalPhoto: Time to get shopping for our partyPhoto: Right when we walked up to the doors I noticed the movie poster.Photo: First thing I see when we walked into the store... the yummy baked goodsPhoto: Look... another reminder for the buy 2 bake goods get a free movie ticket.Photo: This cake will be perfect for the party with its blood color.Photo: These are cute but I don't think we will get them this time.Photo: These will be great to make spiders! Gotta have thesePhoto: Jell-O... we will need a couple boxes of these for the party.Photo: This La Romanella line rocks! This sauce tastes & smells amazing! Gotta grab this for the mini pizzas.Photo: Smart Savings! These will be perfect for the tombstones.Photo: Chocolate Oreos... I'm thinking would be great to look like dirt/mud.Photo: First Street Plastic Tumblers are great size. I'll need one of these.Photo: Some red plates, napkins, and spoons would be perfect for the party too.Photo: These would be perfect size for the mini pizzas for the kiddosPhoto: Hot sauce for the monster eye eggs.Photo: Does this look like a brain to you? It does to me and the kids! This cheese ball is awesome for our spooky party.Photo: I'll need this to write on the tombstones and to make the blood on the cups.Photo: Turkey Franks for the mummy body.Photo: the mummy franks can't go without some Pillsbury dough.Photo: We can't have a party with sweets without some Dairy whipped topping.Photo: First Street Olives will look great on the Monster Eye Eggs.Photo: before ending out trip to Smart & Final we picked up some eggs too.Photo: Once we were all done we checked out and look... A free movie ticket!!Photo: Time to head home and get ready for our party.Photo: Once home it was time to get started with the food. Here we are making our tombstones.Photo: Then adding in some oreos to the pudding.Photo: spooky kid friendly mummy pizzasPhoto: The kiddos & their friends had so much fun at our Hotel Transylvania partyPhoto: