35 Photos - Sep 10, 2012
Photo: Photo: Time to go shopping at Walmart...Photo: First up the potato area...Photo: These will go perfect with our tacos! I'm so glad they make these.Photo: They even carry big family size bags in crinklesPhoto: Oh look at these, these would be perfect for the kids to cook in the micro.Photo: I love that Ore-Ida make so many types of fries.Photo: Fast food fries are one of our favorites to pick up.Photo: oh wow even sweet potato comes in crinkle fries.Photo: oh these are neat! I've never seen Grillers before.Photo: Now off to the Tyson chicken nuggetsPhoto: Well this is disappointing... no more reg. Tyson nuggets.Photo: But they do have a few bags of the dino nuggetsPhoto: We'll just make these do. Plus kids always love fun shaped food.Photo: Tortilla time. Wow there are so many types.Photo: Have you seen this? This is really neat perfect for going camping or travel.Photo: Heinz is really coming out with some awesome things.Photo: And look a coupon for the Grillers.Photo: Oh yum!! Saw this on the end cap sure looks extra yummy.Photo: had to pick up more of this, we love JambalayaPhoto: Also needed some beans for the left over tortillas.Photo: This must be new I've never seen it before. Looks like a great idea to bring to work.Photo: Of course tacos wouldn't be complete without cheese.Photo: Also needed some sour cream to dip the fries in.Photo: Next we stopped over and looked at the Wii games to see if we could find any board games for wii. However we didn't have any luck.Photo: So we headed over to the board game area.Photo: This looks cute for little ones.Photo: And of course Miss.A would love this for maybe her birthday coming up.Photo: Now this looks cool. Hasbro should make something like this.Photo: Time to check outPhoto: Here are the supplies you will need for the tacosPhoto: Cook in the oven as directed.Photo: build your taco...Photo: then enjoy & play some family fun games.Photo: