28 Photos - Feb 20, 2012
Photo: Photo: First we needed to pick up Henry some litter.Photo: We also took a looked at other cat items.Photo: Then off to the office area we went.Photo: Pencil sharpener is what we needed. They had 4 different kinds all made by X-ACTOPhoto: This one had a great coupon & looked neat for the office.Photo: Also looked at the pencils however I knew I had some at home in some boxesPhoto: We also needed some hangersPhoto: We looked around at what furniture Walmart offers but didn't like any of the items in stock.Photo: This was too pricy I saw another Walmart carry something similar for only $15Photo: We looked at the light bulbs however couldn't remember what kind the new bathroom needed.Photo: Tons of office suppliesPhoto: I love the colors these come in.Photo: It's tax time do you have your calculator?Photo: Look the start of Easter supplies are coming...Photo: Our walmart doesn't have much when it comes to food. Welcome to small town living I guessPhoto: These will be great for breakfastPhoto: Time to check outPhoto: Waiting in line.Photo: At home and time to set up the new sharpenerPhoto: Super easy set up.Photo: Before...Photo: afterPhoto: Plans for the new office.Photo: Some of the items going in the new office... love the rug!!Photo: Current "office"Photo: other part of the current "office"Photo: