43 Photos - Jul 4, 2012
Photo: Camera Crews and Spotters are all on the roof during Sprint Cup PracticePhoto: Near the Delaware Water Gap, just 45 minutes from the track.Photo: Into the tunnel and under the track.Photo: Photo: While the Sprint Cup is on the track practicing, the ARCA series cars are in line waiting for their turn.Photo: Victory LanePhoto: The US Marines don't play with pea shooters!Photo: The helo pad at Pocono Raceway.Photo: The Speed TV Stage broadcasting both Trackside and Raceday.Photo: Photo: Nick Idgalsky getting ready to board the #23 in the ARCA series  for qualifying.Photo: It's HAPPY HOUR.  Great People, Great Apps, Great FUN!Photo: Dale "Pee Wee" Schwamborn, Caravanner #2 (along with his mother Helen)Photo: Dale "Pee Wee" Schwamborn, Wally Byam's 1st Cousin gives a presentation on Wally, Airstream's Founder and Owner from 1935 through 1962 when he died.Photo: Dale's slide presentationPhoto: Late comers make for a bigger crowd... ;)Photo: Dave's Sit-In Movie Features for Thursday NightPhoto: Hunt's '55 GMC and '62 Globe TrotterPhoto: Photo: Chef Joe's DomainPhoto: You can watch from the stands or you can watch from Dave's video/audio palace.Photo: 1 if by truck, 2 if by scaffoldPhoto: Hanging out under the awning...Photo: Turn 2 from our campsitePhoto: The fly-over for the start of the Pennsylvania 400.Photo: Flyover prior to Sunday's racePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jim (GIO 117) likes it!Photo: '57 Flying CloudPhoto: Photo: View from our CampsitePhoto: Photo: You can watch the Camping World Truck Series from the grandstands (free) or you can watch it under the big tent.Photo: Turn 2Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: