19 Photos - Oct 7, 2011
Photo: Learn how to perform rail slides on a dolls' house.Photo: Bog-seat warmer. OK, I expect one of the knobs controls the temperature... but what could all the others be for?Photo: Medieval antique salvaged from the Spanish Inquisition.Photo: Putting things up your nose - first in a series.Photo: Is the dog the consumer or the ingredient?Photo: Microsoft yuppie.virus affects CGI on the set of 'King Kong'.Photo: This is what happens when you hire a midget to take photos.Photo: Before and after: not only did she lose 10kg, she also used to be a man.Photo: Leading-edge Korean medical breakthrough: a cupping set.Photo: Do-it-yourself shrunken head kit.Photo: This gesture is not obscene in English culture, but somehow it looks it here.Photo: An EFL school for escort girls.Photo: Putting things up your nose - second in a series.Photo: Why buy my product? Because I'm handsome, well groomed and don't wear glasses. Unlike you.Photo: There appears to be a rancid yellow cloud emanating from the woman's feet.Photo: Mmm. Worms in fruit. My favourite.Photo: How Koreans see English girls: blonde, plain, flat hair, almost transparent.Photo: The woman at the bottom loves her fridge so much, she is actually hugging it.Photo: An ad for heart donors?