21 Photos - Oct 3, 2011
Photo: A USB-powered coffee mug warmer.Photo: Sweep the floor by shuffling your feet.Photo: A USB-powered vacuum cleaner.Photo: The best a man can get. Every morning, I wash my face and shave my feet.Photo: Read the small text under the heading 'American Style'. Mills & Boon?Photo: One of these photos doesn't seem to belong. Can you tell which?Photo: Mummy, I'm scared.Photo: Bandages for your feet. In packs of 30.Photo: Wow, what a technical product. Look at all the instructions for the OFF button.Photo: What is it?Photo: What's that big white furry thing that's disconcertingly lingering in the background?Photo: It fell out a Christmas cracker, and they're selling it for 9,000 Won (£4.89).Photo: Family night at the morgue.Photo: Korea's Jason King. "Hmm, fancy."Photo: Cleaning toothbrushes can make you go blind thanks to this UV hygiene cabinet!Photo: Check out the little diagrams, showing you how to poo.Photo: Wot?Photo: What could this family possibly be staring at?Photo: What's the bespectacled man in blue up to?Photo: Glow-in-the-dark chrome tampons.Photo: Buy anything by email, including Korean babies.