21 Photos - Sep 26, 2011
Photo: What's that graphic with all the arrows doing? Where is the girl's nose?Photo: Just what I need, mail-order rabbit droppings in convenient plastic dispensers.Photo: "Oh my! I'll just die if I don't buy a large, white cube with buttons on it!"Photo: One of these appliances does not belong in a kitchen.Photo: This woman looks like she is about to drop the phone in the bin in disgust.Photo: My daughter told me what this annoying man is trying to suggest, but I've forgotten.Photo: If ever a man had a "come hit me" face, this is it.Photo: It's that man and his fingers again. The woman seems mightily impressed at whatever he's doing.Photo: It's a deckchair for your head. Gotta get me one of those.Photo: Scary giant ghosts about to end all life on Earth with a basketball meteor. Or maybe it's the very, very, very last Angel. Someone fetch Shinji from the train station again, please.Photo: Whatever's in those tubes, let's hope it's some shampoo for glue-head here.Photo: By the look on his face, Mr Businessman has a second vibrating pad on his lap.Photo: Spare any change, mister?Photo: This ad is so ghastly, it's marvellous.Photo: I tried doing that two-finger thing once and now my whole arm is in traction.Photo: Girl + blindfold + fur rug. How can you not want the full set?Photo: Why? I mean, I don't go out and buy replicas of the South Korea kit, do I?Photo: David Beckham's famous exploding groin trick. "I learnt it off Ryan Giggs."Photo: Now my other arm is in traction.Photo: It's a backpack for gerbils!Photo: This is the stuff of nightmares.