20 Photos - Mar 25, 2012
Photo: 12 hours to go and I'm in FULL EFFECT... lol. Bout to go tell the pilot to speed it up.Photo: 8:40pm right now in Japan, too bad I'm still on AZ timezone smh. TIRRREEDD. We'll see. Excited to be here though!Photo: Up bright and early to grab some breakfast and then take a helicopter to the Air Force base!!!...Photo: Breakfast!! the Japanese way... Can't get down with the chopsticks thoPhoto: US Air Force chopper! And about to head to the US Air Force base to meet troops and do a clinic with kids. #BlessedPhoto: First Helicopter ride of my life. Picture of the US Air Force cockpit #NoHomo for the simple minded folks lol.Photo: I believe i can Flyyyyy...Photo: Where we played each game... TOKYO DOMEPhoto: ANother view...Photo: TOKYO, JAPAN from the Helicopter. If there's land, there's a building. That simple.Photo: Such a great day. Can't thank these guys enough!Photo: Got to meet some talented little kids at the Air Force youth center!Photo: A's fan from birth ...Photo: Got me in the lil pull out baby seats... Its all good though.Photo: This is the whole top 2 floors of Japanese workers lol. They left the store to come take a pic wit me, smh people love baseball lol. Felt a little weird since people were still shopping in there lol.Photo: Thank God for the fine print in English, ya feel me?Photo: took a while but they got it.Photo: Photo: This... this is a shower. Very uncomfortable, but hey what else u want me to do after a hard practice. Had to get it in.Photo: Lil bit of everything