51 Photos - Feb 10, 2013
Photo: Tawhitokino Beach entrancePhoto: Tawhitokino beach entrance at high tidePhoto: Start of Tawhitokino Beach looking SouthPhoto: View from the north side of Te Kaiahorawaru PointPhoto: Rangitoto in the distancePhoto: Taiwawe Beach in the distance Photo: A shortcut through a small cavePhoto: Secluded little shell beachPhoto: View over the firth of Thames. Coromandel peninsula in the distance. Photo: Tawhitokino Beach seen from the south-endPhoto: Te Rere I Oturu: The place where Turu took flight Photo: Ngatuhoa lodge January 2011Photo: Te Rere I Oturu seen from river crossingPhoto: On top of Ngatuhoa FallsPhoto: Ngatuhoa Falls a few days after heavy rainPhoto: Te Rere I Oturu is angryPhoto: Along Ngatuhoa Stream below the FallsPhoto: On top of Te Rere I Oturu FallsPhoto: Stream below Ngatuhoa Falls.Photo: Taiwawe BeachPhoto: There is light.....Photo: Cool pool on sunny dayPhoto: The stream is growingPhoto: On my way to Taiwawe Beach, looking back once morePhoto: Early morning shadowsPhoto: Pohutukawa in flowersPhoto: SunrisePhoto: Tawhitokino beach entrance at very high tide (Approximately 4 m)Photo: Tawhitokino Beach on 4-11-12Photo: A nice beach chairPhoto: Birds love sunbathingPhoto: Taiwawe BeachPhoto: Rugged coast close to Puatiti PointPhoto: Little gemPhoto: Broken but not dead (yet)Photo: Force of the seaPhoto: The old manPhoto: Puatiti PointPhoto: Looking towards the tip of Puatiti PointPhoto: The gapPhoto: High above Taiwawe beachPhoto: View from the path between Orere Point and Taiwawe BeachPhoto: Rail car undercarriage washed down riverPhoto: River junctionPhoto: No-trail trampingPhoto: Bush-bashingPhoto: A view from abovePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: