24 Photos - Aug 5, 2013
Photo: Adventure Time!!!! YES!!! Loving this one! It's by Amy Liu (http://amliu.com/ / http://notamyliu.tumblr.com)Photo: Malcolm and me on Lord Monochromicorn thanks to the artistic prowess of Amy Liu (http://amliu.com/ / http://notamyliu.tumblr.com)!Photo: An Adventure Time Malcolm and me in front of the Golden Gate Bridge by Amy Liu (http://amliu.com/ / http://notamyliu.tumblr.com)!Photo: Malcolm as a fire bender and me as an earth bender... it’s perfect. I love seeing versions of us from Avatar: The Last Airbender! They’re by the fabulous Amy Liu (http://amliu.com/ / http://notamyliu.tumblr.com). :DPhoto: Malcolm made a Magic the Gathering card using the engagement ring!Photo: An 8-bit proposal by Unsound M (http://www.redbubble.com/people/unsoundm / mastermynd9001@yahoo.com)! Totally digging it.Photo: Super awesome beadsprites by iconcrausse. Don’t these take you back to the good ol’ days?Photo: I can’t get over how romantic and classy this image is. It was created by Sumi (https://www.facebook.com/Sumiillustration)Photo: Oh, of course he would include a chibi-style image in the mix. So cute! It’s by sTiViA (http://stivia.deviantart.com/).Photo: My own custom-made Disney moment from Malcolm by Pink Leno (aka Nippy13: www.nippy13.deviantart.com).Photo: A beautiful, magical image by Denoro (http://denoro.deviantart.com/)Photo: This one makes me think of some of my favorite European gardens. It’s by Jumpix (jumpix.deviantart.com, jumpix.tumblr.com).Photo: This just kills me. It was created by Jolly-Imp (http://jolly-imp.deviantart.com/).Photo: This one by Bell and Reiko (http://belliko-art.deviantart.com/) is Ghibli / Miyazaki-style! So adorable.Photo: I love the soft glow in this image by Avali (http://ladyavali.deviantart.com/). So romantic.Photo: I can’t get over this My Little Pony commission by Faceless Jr. (facelessjr.deviantart.com / lucibane@gmail.com). Our cutie marks are all too appropriate.Photo: A pirate and a sinister ghost- I do suppose that could adequately sum up some aspects of our relationship. ;) daekazu (http://daekazu.deviantart.com/) created this. Tres cool.Photo: There are so many dreamy, nuanced layers in this image by Olivia Rose (http://www.lalasdreambox.com/). Brilliant.Photo: I find the lighting in this piece by Lucia Garcia (http://rydi1689.deviantart.com/) to be beyond fantastic.Photo: Doesn’t looking at this prompt your mind to make up a story? It’s by Sarah Bulmer / f0rmaldehyde (f0rmaldehyde.deviantart.com / ender.bulmer@gmail.com).Photo: I’m seriously digging this steampunk / anime-style image by Nina Lista (http://laverinne.deviantart.com).Photo: The sweetness levels of this watercolor by Sara Apolo (kuropin.tumblr.com / pantera429@hotmail.com) are OVER 9000!!!Photo: Look at that ring!!!Photo: A My Little Pony comic!