50 Photos - Jul 25, 2013
Photo: A nice hotel rooom?! And as always...gold curtains.Photo: Yep, that's 23km to ChinaPhoto: All this time, that's where they've been...(Lastochka, written on the sign in Cyrillic, means swallow)Photo: Our Site "Gone in 60 Seconds"Photo: Banding by the roadside...some people came and asked us what we were selling...Photo: Okay...even I'm a little worried about that!Photo: Minor obstacles on the road to VladivostokPhoto: DELICIOUS honey sold in huge bottles by the roadsidePhoto: Honey vendors along the roadsidePhoto: Preparing dinner at our last campsite: a surprisingly bugless oak forest 200 looong km north of VladivostokPhoto: Our packing has lost some of its elegance these last few daysPhoto: Waiting for coffee at a diner before our last early morning of banding. Feel the excitement!Photo: Bad piggies 1Photo: Bad piggies 2Photo: Bad piggies 3Photo: Georgy sets up at our last field site: "Bad Piggies"...there's a storyPhoto: Liz poses with our last bird: #542!Photo: Our work completed, here's the dusty road for looong stretches on the way to VladivostokPhoto: The dusty road and...Optimus Prime?Photo: Vladivostok ahead!Photo: Cool skyscraper in VladivstokPhoto: Our interesting bathroom setup in Vladivostok...why not?Photo: Go team! 542 birds sampled, over just underPhoto: North Korean food at our hotel...Amazingly delicious!Photo: A celebratory dinner at the North Korean restaurant adjoining our hotel!Photo: The main courses...fried rice, a seafood salad, and battered/fried fishPhoto: Liz and Georgy pose with our waitress...who is likely a recent immigrant from North Korea, according to Lonely PlanetPhoto: I'll give it to you Russia...the wireless call button common at restaurants is a cool innovationPhoto: Boo...rain on our one day of site-seeingPhoto: Lenin points to the harbor in VladivostokPhoto: The view from our window on our extra day in Vladivostok! Can't catch a break!Photo: Cranes in the Vladivostok harborPhoto: Ship and railyards in near the Vladivostok city centerPhoto: A set of stairs leading, not to the sidewalk, but right into the street...why should we be surprised?!Photo: One of a seemingly endless number of 24 hour flower shopsPhoto: Revolutionary monument and suspension bridge in the morning fogPhoto: Breakfast at Royal Burger on my last morning in Vladivostok...because coffee shops don't open until 10amPhoto: The new suspension bridge to Rusky Island from VladivostokPhoto: View of Vladivostok from the bridgePhoto: Liz and Georgy hiking down to the beach and the PacificPhoto: Yeah! We did it! Moscow to the Pacific Ocean!!!!!!!!!! (Over 5,600 miles)Photo: Georgy jumps the gun :)Photo: Photo: Georgy's soloPhoto: Yyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaah!Photo: Cool snail by the beachPhoto: Yep...Georgy's twitching...a new wagtail subspecies!Photo: Matt's loaded up and ready to take his flight to MoscowPhoto: Hmm...Economy Class or Morning Calm...tough choice (Unfortunately, I'm not flying Korean Air)Photo: Matt is back in Moscow for the night, before taking a flight back to Colorado