120 Photos - Jul 3, 2013
Photo: Time to hit the road: That's a packed car!Photo: Our first camp site on the M53. Not too shabby.Photo: 1st night car camping along the barn swallow contact zonePhoto: Our first night of camping, and Yulia is really excited about how she's spending her vacationPhoto: Canned meat and noodles...actually not too shabbyPhoto: Dinner our first night on the roadPhoto: Sunrise, East of KrasnoyarskPhoto: Pre-dawn fog east of KrasnoyarskPhoto: The morningly Tetris gamePhoto: Black KitePhoto: Night 2: camping by the riverPhoto: Roadside squirrelPhoto: Fording the riverPhoto: Lotsa bugs, but hardly any swallows here! Where are they?Photo: Ankle-deep cow shit? Looks like barn swallow habitat!Photo: Standard netting setupPhoto: Waiting for the swallows to come in the windowPhoto: Check out Snoopy in the backgroundPhoto: Waiting at yet another locationPhoto: The nice lady's house: she invited us in for tea after banding her swallowsPhoto: Butterfly cluster at our campsitePhoto: Liz oversees as Georgy digs out our carPhoto: A new enemey! A colorful horsefly!Photo: Liz makes a new friendPhoto: Dinner time!Photo: Georgy stalks his preyPhoto: Moon flowers 2Photo: An unlikely place for swallows...and yet, we caught 1Photo: Breakfast time in late June in Siberia...time to wear alll your clothesPhoto: Cold, foggy morningPhoto: ElizabetkaPhoto: Another nice campsitePhoto: Chips and beer for dinnerPhoto: A vicious animal hunts its prey along the riverbankPhoto: A hyrid masked/white wagtail sings on the bridge railingPhoto: Welcome to Byronovka: home of H.r. rustica and H.r. tytleriPhoto: Netting under a bridge early in the morning in ByronovkaPhoto: Georgy's photo: Two barn swallow subspecies sitting on a wireVideo: This is what science looks like most of the timePhoto: MoonflowersPhoto: Full moonPhoto: A proud Russian Hirundo rustica tytleriPhoto: Georgy's photo: Our site entitled Jackpot! banding in style and catching over 20 birds in 1 dayPhoto: A Hirundo rustica rustica (left) and H. r. tytleri sit side by side, both sporting new braceletsPhoto: A hungry fledgling wagtail 2Photo: Hungry fella?Photo: Notice the antennae poking out of the fledglings mouthPhoto: more puppies!Photo: Banding in style at an awesome farm where we caught 27 birds in 1 day!Photo: Half way to Irkutsk, we found the contact zonePhoto: The crew meets some villagers at MaraPhoto: Matt and the village boys at MaraPhoto: Matt, Liz, and their entouragePhoto: Setting up camp near MaraPhoto: Another nice campsite near MaraPhoto: Welcome to Mara, a really interesting village with both H. r. rustica and H. r. tytleriPhoto: A male H. r. tytleri puffing upPhoto: Georgy, following a lead from the boy in yellow, climbs down from an abandoned attic, without seeing a swallow, a nest, or any bird at allPhoto: Georgy's Photo: The mobile banding station!Photo: Georgy's Photo: Yulia releases a barn swallowPhoto: A pair of Hirundo rustica tytleriPhoto: Liz is happy we caught the birds and can move onPhoto: Cute dogs abound in these villagesPhoto: A baby tree pippit Georgy found on the forest floorVideo: Liz, Yulia, and a fledgling tree pippitPhoto: The Birch Cafe and Hotel: The worst hotel EVERPhoto: Liz waves on her way to the out house at the WORST hotel we've ever stayed atPhoto: Some geese get "clean"Photo: Liz is loving the attention of her young audiencePhoto: Most difficult key to use in lock EVER!Photo: This look says it all...about the WORST hotel any of us has ever stayed inPhoto: restaurant at the worst hotel everPhoto: dinner at the worst hotel ever is actually very tastyPhoto: 15 dollars gets you this room, with no showers and an outhouse across the parking lot.Photo: state your businessPhoto: can you spot the biologist?Video: barn swallow capture technique#32: the trap door methodPhoto: An abandoned chicken coop and home to a barn swallow pairPhoto: Liz and some Villain investigating a strangely deserted sitePhoto: Liz and Yulia band on a bench outside a mysteriously deserted housePhoto: Another delicate net set-upPhoto: RefuelingPhoto: Across the backseat fortressPhoto: Mara, backed by the trans-Siberian railroadPhoto: fancy fencesPhoto: so many fancy fencesPhoto: Barn swallows sunning in synchronyPhoto: A Siberian barn swallow suns himself on a roof slatPhoto: Matt waits for the male to return, net in handPhoto: The home of our target malePhoto: Ships...China...where?Photo: Signs you need a shower: a calf thinks you're its motherPhoto: Among the pines: our campsite at Hingui StationPhoto: Chatting with the site ownerPhoto: Burhan Provides- our very best site!Photo: Setting up nets in the dairy at Burhan ProvidesPhoto: Barn swallows really do nest in the most picturesque placesPhoto: Georgy's photo: Matt holds an H. r. rustica (left) and H. r. tytleri (right) in the hybrid zonePhoto: Georgy's photo: Matt RecordingPhoto: Georgy's photo: Yulia and Liz hard at work taking measurements; Yulia seems pretty excitedPhoto: Georgy's photo: Liz measuring beak widthPhoto: Georgy's photo: Liz measures each primary feather's lengthPhoto: Georgy's photo: Let's record some swallows!Photo: Georgy's photo: Liz measures a swallow's weightPhoto: Georgy's Photo: Liz poses with a rustica and a tytleri in the contact zonePhoto: Georgy's photo: Closeup of a Hirundo rustica rustica (top) and a Hirundo rustica tytleri (bottom), caught in the same barnPhoto: Siberia has cool skiesPhoto: Breakfast is served!Photo: YuummyPhoto: Russians love interesting colored carsPhoto: In case you're wondering, this is what Siberia looks like (part 1)Photo: This is what Siberia looks like (part 2)Photo: Matt contemplates the Siberian sky, or somethingPhoto: Our campsite just west of IrkutskPhoto: Breakfast at sunrisePhoto: Call of Duty: Battle of the Barn SwallowsVideo: Barn swallow catching technique #1: Put a net in the door, block off all other exits, and chase the birds outPhoto: Matt is very excited we've found the contact zonePhoto: Hybrid zone finished, we hit the big city in IrkutskPhoto: Train station in Irkutsk