133 Photos - Jun 8, 2013
Photo: Our room for our week at Kamislov: basically the Ritz of field work!Photo: We have this effect on roomsPhoto: Banya at the field stationPhoto: first lunch at the field station with Gennady and NickPhoto: first dinner- the liquor is outPhoto: Gennady breaks out the vodkaPhoto: Some dirty ol' starlings trying to look picturesquePhoto: An industrious beaver welcomes us to the Yekaterinburg (actually closer to Irbit) research station....we didn't see him again until the day we left...we see it as a good omen, considering our success in YekaterinburgPhoto: A plover nest behind the research stationPhoto: A cuckoo---a constant voice at our Yekaterinburg campsite...legend has it, the number of cuckoo calls is the number of years you'll live (apparently a long time for me)Photo: I'm not sure who this guy isPhoto: Checking for nests at a vacant cow shedPhoto: quality constructionPhoto: Checking out a vacant cattle ranch for barn swallow nestsPhoto: Grouse liver: possibly the best thing I've eaten in Russia so farPhoto: Beer from Chyelebinsk: the place where the meteor hit recentlyPhoto: Nadesda presents a special Kyrgiz dish in honor of Liz's previous work in KyrgistanPhoto: Beshbermak: a Kyrgiz dish of hand-made noodles, sheep meet, onions, and some spices, and eaten by hand (something like exotic chicken and dumplings)Photo: Look closely, and you'll notice most of these horses are hobbled...hadn't seen that before, myselfPhoto: Photo: Traffic in one of the villages near KamislovPhoto: hundreds of bank swallows over the river near our field stationPhoto: checking out the bank swallow colonyPhoto: It's almost like evolution had shaped sand martins to blend in with the banks in which they build there coloniesPhoto: A sand martin at its nesting holePhoto: The approach to the dairy near KamislovPhoto: One of our nicer sites: a local kindergarten. We caught the pair here after a bit of trial and error.Photo: Posing with one of the kindergarten teachers who let us band her barn swallowsPhoto: Photo op with the head of the kindergarten where we banded two birds near KamislovPhoto: spot the barn swallow nest in the porchPhoto: More shashlik (Russian barbecue) for our first dinner at the Kamislov research stationPhoto: A blue throat (Luscinia svecica) singsPhoto: Breakfast of some delicious curds with sugar and raisinsPhoto: Fields near the research station at about 9pm our first dayPhoto: A magpie, doing I'm not sure what in some treePhoto: Move along little dogey (I realize this is not a calf, but get along old cow isn't very catchy)Photo: A saw mill near our research area in KamislovPhoto: Cat on a hot tin roofPhoto: Sunrise in our Kamislov study areaPhoto: A structure on the Yekaterinburg research site where we caught our first two barn swallowsPhoto: A brand new barn swallow nest! Look at that quality workmanship!Photo: Sand martin in flight 2Photo: Redshanks coming into landPhoto: A stone chat, looking regalPhoto: Can you feel the excitement at 5am?Photo: A wagtail (Motacilla alba) keeping me company in the early morningPhoto: Ground squirrel with a bunch of grass in its mouthPhoto: Sand Martins in flight 3Photo: 4:30 am in Kamislov; the pond behind the research stationPhoto: Welcome to the Yekaterinburg research station: not too shabby!Photo: The Dairy near Kamislov: Site #1Photo: We worked until the cows came homePhoto: Inside our best site in Kamislov. We caught over 20 swallows here. It smells even better than you think!Photo: banding set up at the dairyPhoto: Like shooting fish in a barrel- string up a net in front of the dairy door, wait for the birds to fly into itPhoto: dairy bandingPhoto: 20 birds! halfway there...Photo: Separated from Nick by a herd of cowsPhoto: Recording the local wildlifePhoto: Wildlife spottingPhoto: Lovely houses in the villages were we banded birdsPhoto: Local storePhoto: Village near the field stationPhoto: GardensPhoto: DIY lawn decorationsPhoto: Swan planters made out of old tires- very popular in SiberiaPhoto: nice ridePhoto: AM recording in the villagePhoto: Another casual breakfastPhoto: Ground squirrel with a bunch of grass in its mouthPhoto: Sand martin, ace of the skyPhoto: What am I doing here? Just recording some birds, man, chill...Photo: 4:30am in Kamislov; time to record some birdsPhoto: A magpie, looking pretty much like our magpies in ColoradoPhoto: Another look at the lapwingPhoto: A cool spider I found by the pondPhoto: A lapwing soars over my head, making it's incredibly cool vocalization that sounds like some kinda sci-fi effectPhoto: Mama plover flying over the water, trying to distract me from her nest, where I unwittingly disturbed her from incubatingPhoto: Sand martin in flightPhoto: Look up, sand martins!Photo: A tern catches a late lunchPhoto: A ground squirrel alarm calling (HUMANS!)Photo: A tern hunting over the creekPhoto: Sand martins in flight 5Photo: Sand martins demonstrating amazing aerial coordinationPhoto: Bank Swallows/ Sand martins (Riparia riparia)Photo: A sky full of sand martinsPhoto: Some interesting marsh plants I foundPhoto: A stone chat in the reedsPhoto: One very shy butterfly...took me quite a while to track this one downPhoto: Farm full of calvesPhoto: Pens of calves! Also lots of barn swallows...Photo: bird on a wirePhoto: Nadyezhda serves roe deer kebabs with beet and herring salad. Mmm.Photo: Nightly spreadPhoto: 42 birds!Photo: Bullfinch vodkaPhoto: Casual breakfastPhoto: Rare orchids Gennady transplanted from a nearby forest scheduled to be logged. He is cultivating red book species in his reserve with the hope of making it easier for scientists to study them.Photo: Gennady leading us on a tour of his experimental orchid plotsPhoto: Pond by the field stationPhoto: Dinner with visiting scientists from YekaterinburgPhoto: Nadyezhda made "swallows nests" for dinner in our honorPhoto: Inside the swallow's nest- meat, potatoes, and mushrooms.Photo: Liz poses with one of the amazing spread Nadyezda and her students cooked for usPhoto: For breakfast: Russian crepes (Bleeny) with butter and pomegranate seeds (Wow!)Photo: Shit happens (especially when you're not looking where you're going in a dairy)Photo: At the local culture museumPhoto: With our hosts at the culture museumPhoto: Samovar collection at the culture museumPhoto: Culture museumPhoto: Victor and bear at the culture museumPhoto: A look inside the old Russian car (Volga): they don't make em like that anymore!Photo: Nikolai (a poor man's bikini girl) posing with an old Soviet modelPhoto: Liz and I pose with Victor in front of the monument to Grigoriy Rechkalov, one of the most decorated Soviet pilot during WWII (and hailing from Irbit, near our field station)Photo: Nadyezhda at our field station tea ceremonyPhoto: Girls explaining local legendsPhoto: Our dandelion wreaths in the pondPhoto: Tying ribbons to a birch treePhoto: Group photo!Photo: Matt and Nick with the samovar at the field stationPhoto: Final dinner at the stationPhoto: Liz serves tea from a traditional SamovarPhoto: Going to the pond to cast dandelion rings into waterPhoto: Liz serves up some teaPhoto: A cool beetle I found on our picnic tablePhoto: View from my bunk on the ride to NovosibirskPhoto: Another view from my bunk on the train ride to NovosibirskPhoto: A random stop on the way to Novosibirsk (the guy in the foreground seems to have encountered an unpleasant smell...perhaps a multitude of smoked fish?)Photo: Liz struggles to communicate with her new fan clubPhoto: Me and my card playing buddy, MaximPhoto: Krab puffs...possibly the worst snack I've hadPhoto: A ferocious guard dog on the train