112 Photos - Jun 8, 2013
Photo: Valeri's portrait of LizPhoto: Liz poses with her portraitPhoto: Our hotel for two nights in Novosibirsk before we head to a research station 6 hours away for three intense days of bandingPhoto: The opera house in the city center of Novosibirsk, near our hotelPhoto: Women are often served straws to drink their beer out of in Russia...according to Liz, using it is quite unpleasantPhoto: Wow, this place has all the amenities! Glad I can finally do my ironingPhoto: Lunch with Lena (left), Pavel and Olga (right)--our contacts in NovosibirskPhoto: Which way to the men's room? 1Photo: Which way to the men's room? 2 (inside the "nerdy bar" at Akadem Gorodok)...incidentally, it's the one on the rightPhoto: Olga just gets the door closed with all our gear inside her tiny Toyota DuetSPhoto: Packed in the backseat of Olga's Toyota Duet, for an 8 hour travel to the Karasuk research station, just north of the Kazakhstan borderPhoto: Russian restaurants are so ornate! (Even this tiny cafe with no seating area)Photo: Picnicking at the gas station...until we were asked to leavePhoto: Smoked fish options in KarasukPhoto: Our cabin at the Karasuk field station. The latrine is the triangular buildingPhoto: Field stationPhoto: Field stationPhoto: The view from our room at the research stationPhoto: group photo with the school kids...this is a picture of the printout Vladimir gave meVideo: Kids staying at the Research Station in Karasuk sing us a song after our "Press Conference" where we told them about our work and the USPhoto: Where are all the swallows?!Photo: Liz is a little discouraged about the number of swallows we've foundPhoto: We study at the nicest places...Photo: Traffic jam in KarasukPhoto: Traffic jam in KarasukPhoto: This is me on horseback, putting cows out to pasturePhoto: Biologist-turned cowboyPhoto: Me, Ivan, and his horse...we were fast friendsPhoto: I'm pretty sure this is some kinda spaceshipPhoto: Apple blossoms at sunset at the research station in KarasukPhoto: What a sunset!Photo: Lena tries to quickdraw me, but she's still focusing!Photo: Liz ponders the steppe after a long day's workPhoto: Makin' some pasta for dinner at the Karasuk research stationPhoto: Faxe, preferred by 9 out of 10 vikingsPhoto: Sunrise at the Karasuk research stationPhoto: Sunrise at the field station in outside KarasukPhoto: That shed is home to the nest of our weirdest barn swallow pair yet: female with super long tail streamers and very dark colored malePhoto: Early AM recordingPhoto: Sunrise over the marshesPhoto: Experimental breeding tanks for white-headed ducksPhoto: Recording by another nest in some lovely trailersPhoto: Post for monitoring nest activity in the early AMPhoto: Lena demonstrates a creative yoga posePhoto: Waiting for the male to come backPhoto: Namesake of the "Turkey Lady" sitePhoto: And then Liz noticed a tiny predatorPhoto: Olga, The "Turkey Lady"...because she had a turkey, Lena, and Liz, enjoying some tea after bandingPhoto: Our host at the research station, Vladimir, shows us the breeding facility for reintroduction of some threatened Russian speciesPhoto: an endangered white-headed duck (Oxyura leucocephala)Photo: An endangered white-headed duck pair (Oxyura leucocephala)Video: The mating behavior of the endangered white-headed ducksPhoto: Siberian grouse in Karasuk station breeding penPhoto: A shy grouse chick at the bird breeding facilityPhoto: Golden eagles at the bird breeding facilityPhoto: A bustard at the breeding facilityPhoto: A grouse pair at the breeding facilityPhoto: Male capricaillie displaying at us. Apparently we look like female grouse.Video: A rare grouse advertises to a competing male in the next cageVideo: A capricaillie struts his stuff (and belches)Photo: Siberian grousePhoto: Chicken heads, it's what's for dinnerPhoto: female great bustardPhoto: She was NOT excited that we were so close after she'd laid an eggPhoto: Photo: black grousePhoto: Capricailles just look like dinosaursPhoto: The lake behind the research stationPhoto: Looking for birds in the reedsVideo: communing with the localsPhoto: Pelicans, looking very much like pterodactylsPhoto: Pelican facePhoto: Pelican face with mustachePhoto: Pit stop on the way back to Novosibirsk while we watch black terns fly between lakesPhoto: Bird watching pit stopPhoto: Why did the black tern cross the road?Photo: Stuffed in the back of Olga's car for the 6 hour drive back to NovosibirskPhoto: This might take a while.Photo: What's weird in this picture?Photo: Sushi in Novosibirsk. Most of it has cream cheese or mayo in it, but it was still pretty tasty.Photo: A real soviet beer (note the CCCP...which is USSR)...communism never tasted so goodPhoto: Olga has the same face soap as me--how will I remember which one is mine!?Photo: Once you pop...you can't stopPhoto: sunshowers in NovosibirskPhoto: Sundown from Olga's kitchenPhoto: Sunrise song recording in NovosibirskPhoto: Statues of sables, the emblem of NovosibirskPhoto: A cool cafe and fountain in NovosibirskPhoto: Walking tour of Novosibirsk with Olga and her friendsPhoto: A statue of a traditional Russian representation of DeathPhoto: There be dragons in this parkPhoto: Novosibirsk skyline at sundownPhoto: The first brick building in Novosibirsk (a church) and a monument to WWIIPhoto: Residents of Nashville: Novosibirsk has a "Batman Building" too; also referred to as "Bluetooth"Photo: Matt on the crowded minibus to AkademogorodokPhoto: Carriage rides in NovosibirskPhoto: Soviet statues on Ploshad LeninaPhoto: Lenin and the opera house in NovosibirskPhoto: alien invadersPhoto: Liz and Olga at the Novosibirsk zooPhoto: At the Novosibirsk zooPhoto: At the Novosibirsk zooPhoto: The crowd feeds a polar bear At the Novosibirsk zooPhoto: A Russian gal, with heels, flowers, AND a Tiara of flowers...just right to go to the zoo and watch monkeys groom each otherPhoto: A display Georgy prepared at his home institution in NovosibirskPhoto: A display Georgy prepared at his home institution in NovosibirskPhoto: A display Georgy prepared at his home institution in Novosibirsk (Blue throat)Photo: In the collections at Georgy's home institutionPhoto: Georgy's biology department building...how come Ramaley doesn't look like this on CU's campus?Photo: between Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk--a roadside food trailer. (They make made-to-order "bleenies" or crepes filled with meat and fixins---so INCREDIBLE!)Photo: Looks picturesque from this side!Photo: Not so picturesque here: we cuaght 8 birds in 2 hours though!