15 Photos - Jun 28, 2013
Photo: Photo: My two favorite shopping buddies and I are on the hunt for Monsters University items at Walmart for a special work assignment. We hear there's quite a selection. #MUJuicePhoto: Hey, look! Juicy Juice with Monsters University characters on the bottles! There are four varieties to choose from.Photo: More Juicy Juice. These Fruitifuls could be perfect for lunch boxes and snacks for camp this summer. This store is sold out of all flavors except Apple Quench -- good thing apple is the kids' favorite.Photo: Rollback!Photo: Oooh, great end cap of Monsters University toys. Love that the toys are available in a variety of price points.Photo: Sully masks, Mike and more!Photo: Even some Monsters University toys for the younger kids.Photo: Action figures!Photo: What's that? Sully! We loved Sully in Monsters Inc., so it would be a lot of fun to have this talking plush from the Monsters University line at home to play with.Photo: Another Rollback!Photo: Shall we? I think we shall. Sully, you are coming with us.Photo: Found this gem in the home office aisle. How fun would these big coloring pages be?Photo: No monsters here, but we are going to need some frozen strawberries for a monster slushie at home.Photo: Ready, Sully? Time to go home with us!