129 Photos - Aug 4, 2014
Photo: Arm with Shan babyPhoto: Baan Jia Jan: Lahu villagePhoto: Gee and Healtcare workers at Lahu Vilage Kong Pag PingPhoto: Mae Ai Arm checks blood pressure of HIV patient.Photo: SDL visit Home CarePhoto: SDL visit homecarePhoto: SDL visit Lahu childPhoto: SDL visit Lahu girlPhoto: Muang KhongPhoto: Muang Khong visitPhoto: Lee Kingston with Scholarship boy Kasemsuk in Mae AiPhoto: Wiang Haeng: Alinya and grandmother and cat.Photo: Near ArunathaiPhoto: Pitoon and little sister.Photo: Healthcare volunteer, Chaliao, distributing medicine to Pitoon and mum.Photo: Chom Keeree:  Home care visit to Pitoon and family.Photo: Baan Pang Mo village near Chiang Dao.  Grandmother and grandsons with Arm.Photo: National Park entrance on the road to Muang KhongPhoto: Dinner almost ready?Photo: Mae Ai: Huai Muang Ngam villagePhoto: Chiang Dao with volunteer healthcare workers.  Distributing antireteroviral medicine.Photo: Wiang Haeng with Health Care workersPhoto: Ian Bushell at Mae AiPhoto: Ian Bushell at Mae Ai homecarePhoto: Muang KhongPhoto: Lahu twins, cooking pot and the ubiquitous catPhoto: Huai Jakan village home care visit.Photo: Huai Jakan village kitchenPhoto: Village near Chiang DaoPhoto: Nong KiaoPhoto: Muang Khong School after Education and Prevention meeting.Photo: Huai Mae Kiang village house call with Kanda (healthcare worker) and Wi.Photo: Healthcare volunteer, Noi, checks patients blood pressure. Near Chiang DaoPhoto: On the way to Huai Mae Kiang village house call.Photo: House call near Chiang DaoPhoto: Doi Luang Chiang Dao (Chiang Dao mountain)Photo: Home care visit to elderly woman in Muang KhongPhoto: House call in Mae AiPhoto: Baan Nonk Tao Lahu homePhoto: Dr Martin Kae Noi, Lahu villagePhoto: Kae Noi Lahu village with Dr. MartinPhoto: Huai Jakan: Lahu New YearPhoto: Chiang Dao districtPhoto: Huai Jakan: Lahu kitchenPhoto: Arm checks condom delivery in San KampheangPhoto: Healthcare volunteer worker, Noi, making baskets for sale. Chiang DaoPhoto: Sankamphaeng House call.Photo: Muang Kong village fishing for her dinnerPhoto: Sankamphaeng woman wood carving.Photo: Sankamphaeng: gather fruit (Lamyai) for salePhoto: Sankamphaeng weaver.Photo: Lahu kitchenPhoto: Boy Suchat with his family in Baan Huai Jakan and healthcare volunteers.Photo: Photo: Wi with Health Care Workers and Chanipa in Wiang HaengPhoto: Mae AiPhoto: Kae Noi Kanda visits Lahu homePhoto: Kae Noi Inside Lahu housePhoto: Kae Noi villagePhoto: Kae Noi house call.Photo: Kae Noi lahu housePhoto: Kae Noi familyPhoto: Kae Noi Lahu kitchenPhoto: Mai Ai Hospital Wi with SomjitPhoto: Gee and Kanda with Suchat at Lahu homePhoto: Baan Muang Khong:  Kanda with HIV patientPhoto: Baan Muang KhongPhoto: Jia Jan village:  Visit to HIV patient and her husband with KandaPhoto: HIV patient in Baan Jia JanPhoto: Baan Jia Jan Lahu villagePhoto: Nong Kiao Kachin family all with HIVPhoto: Gee with Werapat (Kachin boy)Photo: Arm with Werapat (Kachin boy)Photo: Kae Noi Lahu village; Wi with Chaliao and KandaPhoto: Mae Ai:  Home care visit with Wi and volunteer healthcare workers, Loy and Daeng .Photo: Mae Ai: House visit with Wi and volunteer healthcare worker Daeng.Photo: Home care visit to Wiang Haeng, Lahu housePhoto: Home care visit to Wiang HaengPhoto: Near Chiang Dao:  Patient, Rit, with HIV and Hepatitis CPhoto: Near Chiang Dao:  HIV patientPhoto: Chai Prakan: House to call HIV patient who recently had bicycle accident with Gee and healthcare workers, Aoy and Yongyut.Photo: Mae Ai  patient with GeePhoto: Mae Ai: Gee makes a house callPhoto: Mae Ai: Toyting and GrandmotherPhoto: Huai Jajan: Lahu family home care with Pon (Lahu translator) and Chalao and KandaPhoto: Huai Jakan: Lahu kitchenPhoto: Alinya and Grandmother with Wi and KandaPhoto: Pitaya receives scholarship from Winston.  With his father and ArmPhoto: On the way toBaan Kaenoi village at Myanmar border.Photo: Kandadelivers provisionsPhoto: Basket workPhoto: Chai Prakan patient visitPhoto: Doi Ngam - Homecare visit bringing provisions and clothingPhoto: Doi Ngam - Kanda with babyPhoto: Doi Ngam - Homecare visit bringing provisions and clothingPhoto: Chai Prakan - Arm with babyPhoto: Chai PrakanPhoto: Na Au Lahu community.Photo: Na Au Lahu community.Photo: Na Au Lahu community.Photo: Home care visitPhoto: Wi keeps dryPhoto: Lahu childrenPhoto: Chaleow and Noi deliver ARV medicine to Lahu familyPhoto: Lahu communityPhoto: Home Care - Kanda with babyPhoto: Chang Dao Home Care - Home weaverPhoto: Alinya receives gifts donated by Connie Low from Singapore, with Gee and KandaPhoto: Phidthaya receives gifts donated by Connie Low from Singapore, with Gee and KandaPhoto: Wi, together with healthcare workers discussing predicament of Shan family with Udomsak, his father and grandmother.Photo: Photo: Photo: Wi and Arm at Lahu home with Pon and Kanda (volunteer healthcare workers HIV+)Photo: Pon (Lahu volunteer Healthcare worker) talks to patient in Lahu languagePhoto: Lahu Hill TribePhoto: Chiang Dao Home Care visitPhoto: Lahu HomecarePhoto: Arm, Gee and Daeng with baby Pong at home with his mum and grandmother.Photo: Baby Terawat (Nick name Pong), 8 months old, receives visitors from Rejoice and volunteer healthcare workers Daeng and Loy from Mae Ai HospitalPhoto: Arm, Daeng and Loy at the home of TipaponPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: