20 Photos - May 8, 2012
Photo: Supporting a hero. #countsPhoto: Going off road. #countsPhoto: A desert mirage. A rare site. Jason Lester must eventually rest.Photo: Running to prove a better world starts with sport. #countsPhoto: Bridging the gap. #countsPhoto: Any which way forward. #countsPhoto: Nike Better World Journey with Jason LesterPhoto: One man. One world. Jason Lester in his element.Photo: Obstacles are everywhere. Still, the Journey goes on.Photo: Breaking down limits. Raising awareness. #countsPhoto: Over the hill and through the woods. The Journey continues.Photo: And then it’s back on the pavement. The goal is the journey. @betterworldjourneyPhoto: Eat his dust. Follow @betterworldjourneyPhoto: Racing nobody but yourself. #countsPhoto: Rest. Rejuvenate. Repeat. Never stopping. #countsPhoto: Racing the horizon. #countsPhoto: Putting one foot in front of the other. From coast to coast. #countsPhoto: Wearing your game face. #countsPhoto: Fight the pain. Focusing on the goal. #countsPhoto: Today, he's halfway home. May seem crazy to some. But it means the world to Jason Lester.  It means a better world. http://nikebetterworld.com/journey/