31 Photos - Jan 7, 2015
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Audi's piloted driving prototypePhoto: TRW transparent car shows sensorsPhoto: Photo: More virtual reality gear with a platform and slippery shoes, allowing you to walk and playPhoto: Tons of drone booths with bigger and meaner drones of all sortsPhoto: The Uncanny Valley was demonstrated by this creepy Toshiba singing robotPhoto: Samsung Glass -- does it remind you of another product with a similar name?  It is not stand-alone, you must plug it into your device.  It projects onto your lens, so no obstruction when not using it.Photo: A virtual mirror shows you wearing the clothes you are considering buyingPhoto: You drive the VW Golf around your yard and into your garage -- it remembers and can retrace the route to park it self and come to your door.Photo: Single person vehicles were on displayPhoto: This Elio 2 person (tandem) car is 89mpg, and will be under $7K if they ship it.Photo: The computers in Jack, the Audi that drove from Silicon Valley to CESPhoto: Bobby is the Audi that raced against human drivers on the track, making 97% of their timePhoto: Interior of Jack, the autonomous AudiPhoto: Delphi's car bristling with sensors -- 6 LIDARS and even more radars.Photo: Detail showing LIDAR and Radar ports on the side for cross traffic on Delphi prototypePhoto: A BMW i3 with special software drives itself, empty, to delivery itself for the next test-drive customer after summoned from  a watch.   No self-drive on the test drive though, this was a demo using stock ultrasound sensors on a well marked course.Photo: Another BMW stops on its own when the driver tries, full throttle to drive it into the obstacle.  It also won't let you sideswipe obstacles.  I have been in cars to do this before, ths one seemed to stop more gently.Photo: Suitable/Beam made a gaint model of their new cheaper Beam Plus to help make the other Beams look smallerPhoto: These roller skates capture energy in one part of your stroke and give it back to you in another lo let you go fasterPhoto: This belt is an activity monitor, and it also tightens and relaxes itself in different postures and activities.   The metaphors about belt tightening will be endlessPhoto: A clever idea -- watching variations in WiFi beacon strength in an empty house to discover movement -- a free motion sensorPhoto: A pot with a thermal pile to generate 5w of electricity to recharge your phone while yo cook your camp stewPhoto: This array of ultrasonic elements fires pulses at your hand giving you haptic feedback in mid-air.   Meant for UI researchPhoto: There were many of these stand-up smart scooters.  CES has not yet joined the movement from scantily clad booth babes at tech conferences -- Las Vegas may be the last placePhoto: Yes, he's thinking, this hair grower doesn't make me look geeky at allPhoto: I saw a dozen or more companies selling tools to lojack your kids.  When do they get old enough for rights?Photo: This prototype shows a screen showing the central element of a gaming virtual world, surrounded by a lower res expression of all the peripheral territory from a projector.  Keep your fovea ahead and it could look real.