152 Photos - Mar 14, 2011
Photo: The town of Ålesund, at the Northwest coast of Norway. Famous for it's jugend style architecture - a result of the rebuilding of the town after the big fire in 1904, which virtually destroyed it entirely.Photo: From Hovden in Bykle, which is in the Northern end of the valley Setesdal, NorwayPhoto: Sunny winter day in Herstadhei, RøykenPhoto: Snowfall in StavangerPhoto: Tromsø, a Northern Norwegian city, in twilightPhoto: Tromsø in twilight - winter - B&WPhoto: Tromsø, a city in Northern Norway, a winter afternoon in JanuaryPhoto: The sun sets early at our latitude in december and january, creating amazing colors when there are thin clouds. Drammensfjorden, South Eastern Norway.Photo: Lighthouse on Nyholmen outside Bodø, marking the fairway in to the harbourPhoto: A calm winter day with clouds hanging low in Hyggen, by the Drammens fjord in South Eastern NorwayPhoto: A foot bridge taking you around a steep mountain wall on a trail in HyggenPhoto: Skapertjern, a small lake, a cold november day. This is an attempt on gentle use of HDR, but I'm not really mastering that stuff yet I feel...Photo: Brusand, Jæren - which is on the South Western coast of Norway (South of Stavanger)Photo: Breakers against the rocks on the coast of Jæren (Laugaberget, outside Ogna). The Jæren coast from Stavanger Soutwards to this location consists mostly of long beaches, but in this area there are rocky parts in between the beutiful beaches.Photo: The first snow has appeared on the mountain tops in October. Aerial shot from the West coast of Norway, a few miles South of Ålesund, Sunnmøre. (The geotag position is approximate)Photo: Tromsdalen church aka Ishavskatedralen (arctic cathedral) in TromsøPhoto: Sandvika, on the island Hillesøya outside Tromsø, looks like a beach in Greece, but this is far North of the Polar Circle! The water temperature can't beat the Mediterranean though...Photo: Store Blåmann, outside Tromsø. A challenging but popular trip up to the summit.Photo: Hollendaren, Kvaløya, TromsøPhoto: Hollendaren and Store Blåmann, on the island Kvaløya, outside Tromsø. The latter is a popular but rather steep and challenging hiking destination.Photo: The sun shines on  the mountains called Storstolpan and Finnkjerka, just before it disappears below the horizon. The peaks are among the many rugged mountains on Kvaløya, outside Tromsø.Photo: Ersfjorden, a fjord outside TromsøPhoto: The day's last sunrays lighting up the peaks Finnkjerka and SkamtindenPhoto: Descent from Skamtinden, with Rekvik, the starting point for the trip, still far belowPhoto: A desolate farm just under SkamtindenPhoto: Skamtinden, on the island Kvaløya outside Tromsø. Accessible without ropes etc., but a challenging climb for us who aren't mountaineers!Photo: Ersfjorden and Ersfjordsbotn, seen from a ridge just below Skamtinden. In the far background, one can see the city of Tromsø.Photo: The peaks Storstolpan and Hollendaren, on Kvaløya outside TromsøPhoto: Another picture of Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock, a day where the cliff was intermittently engulfed in clouds.Photo: Preikestolen / Prekestolen, in English known as Preacher's Pulpit or Pulpit Rock. The cliff hangs 600 meters above Lysefjorden, East of Stavanger. Even though a two hours hike is required to get there, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.Photo: Breathtaking view along the ridge up to TromsdalstindenPhoto: Calm evening on Trondheimsfjorden, outside StjørdalPhoto: Tromsdalstinden, seen from TromsøPhoto: Dawn over Isfjorden, Svalbard. Taken from Longyear airport. It is April, and the long polar night is over, and it is never gets darker than twilight. Soon the sun will stay above the horizon around the clock.Photo: Hurtigruten (or the Coastal Express) Nordkapp leaving MoldePhoto: The Romsdalen Alps, seen from MoldePhoto: Høgstein light at the island Godøya, outside ÅlesundPhoto: From Tueneset, outside ÅlesundPhoto: Drifting ice in DrammensfjordenPhoto: Gjerdal, by DrammensfjordenPhoto: Gjerdal, by DrammensfjordenPhoto: Gjerdal, by DrammensfjordenPhoto: Reed at Gjerdal beachPhoto: GjerdalPhoto: Mountains in the North Western NorwayPhoto: Børvasstindene, South of BodøPhoto: Winter at Gjerdal by the Drammens Fjord. In the summer this is a popular beach, with lots of people swimming and getting a tan...Photo: This is not from the North Pole, but a fjord in Southern Norway - Drammensfjorden.Photo: Hyggen / Drammensfjorden (HDR)Photo: From Hyggen, by the Drammens FjordPhoto: A clear and cold December day in HyggenPhoto: Drammensfjord a cold winter afternoon. The fjord normally freezes up during the winter,  but not as early as this year!Photo: Hyggen / DrammensfjordenPhoto: Twilight hour in Hyggen by DrammensfjordenPhoto: Autumn in the grazing yardPhoto: Horses in the autumn colored surroundings at Øvre Gjerdal farmPhoto: Autumn in HyggenPhoto: From a small beach called Ytre FiskebuktPhoto: View over the Drammensfjord, from a mountain called KaståsenPhoto: Autumn picture from the strawberry field, just before the sun sets behind a nearby hillPhoto: Evening sun in the grazing yard, after the sun has finally broken through the cloud coverPhoto: HurumPhoto: Fokstumyra nature reserve, Dovre mountainsPhoto: Fokstumyra nature reserve, Dovre mountainsPhoto: The marsh Fokstumyra, a nature reseve known for it's rich birdlife, in the Dovre MountainsPhoto: Værøy, one of the outermost islands in LofotenPhoto: Mountains in Nordland, with Vestfjorden and Lofoten in the backgroundPhoto: Mountain in Tysfjord, NordlandPhoto: The island GrytøyPhoto: Car ferry from Stornes, North of Harstad in Nordland, to the island GrytøyPhoto: Jordalsskaret, in Byfjellene, the mountains surrounding BergenPhoto: The cabin Arnahytten at Vardegga in Byfjellene, the mountains surrounding BergenPhoto: A late july evening, at this latitude, the sun shines most of the day in the summerPhoto: Car ferry on it's way across the Moldefjord, operating the busy Molde - Vestnes servicePhoto: Part of the mountainous skyline visible to the South from MoldePhoto: Evening sky over Giske, outside ÅlesundPhoto: Bybroa, the bridge that connect Stavangercity with the islands outside, and the subsea- / ferry connection towards HaugesundPhoto: Rocky beach just North of Brusand, Jæren (Southwestern coast of Norway)Photo: Kvalbeinsanden, BrusandPhoto: Brusand, Jæren (Southwestern coast of Norway)Photo: Vågen in StavangerPhoto: From BodøPhoto: Børrvasstindene, from Keiservarden, BodøPhoto: View towards the South, from Keiservarden, BodøPhoto: View towards Vågøya / Mjelde / Kjerringøy, from Keiservarden, BodøPhoto: View towards the North from the mountain Keiservarden, BodøPhoto: Bodø, from KeiservardenPhoto: Bodø, from KeiservardenPhoto: Dam, Sandviksfløyen, BergenPhoto: Munkebotn, BergenPhoto: Korsvika, TrondheimPhoto: Kjerringberget, by Korsvika, TrondheimPhoto: Tromsø, seen from the cable car's top station on FløyaPhoto: The cable car up to Fløya, TromsøPhoto: Tromsøysund bridge, Tromsdalen church and TromsdalstindenPhoto: Tromsdalstinden and Tromsdalen church, TromsøPhoto: Store Blåmann, from Fløya, TromsøPhoto: Tromsø, from FløyaPhoto: Ålesund, the jugend townPhoto: The city off Bergen, from FløyenPhoto: Tromsdalen and Tromsdalstinden, from TromsøPhoto: The Lyngen Alps, seen from the Balsfjord area. The sun has returned to Norhern Norway in February, after the winter darkness, but is still low over the horizon.Photo: Ramvikholmen, outside Tofte, HurumPhoto: Hyggen, from the ice on the DrammensfjordPhoto: Ice blocks formed by the tide movements over a small underwater reef in Hyggenbukt, DrammensfjordenPhoto: From the harbor in ÅlesundPhoto: Aspøy school, ÅlesundPhoto: Fisshing vessel inbound for the harbor in ÅlesundPhoto: Hamnøya, an island outside Ålesund, covered with snowPhoto: Ice fishing on the DrammensfjordPhoto: Røyken rectory in the low light of a January afternoonPhoto: A cold winter day by the ice covered DrammensfjordPhoto: Drammensfjorden covered by ice during the cold winter 2009-2010Photo: Sunset over DrammensfjordenPhoto: Calm and misty day by the Drammensfjord in the autumnPhoto: The road along Drammensfjorden towards Hurum, passing HyggenPhoto: Drammensfjorden surrounded by autumn colorsPhoto: Autumn in Hyggen, by the DrammensfjordPhoto: Salad field in LierPhoto: Tofte, HurumPhoto: Drammen in the twilightPhoto: BodøPhoto: Northeast of BodøPhoto: From Tofte in Hurum, Norway(Replaces a B&W version uploaded a while ago)Photo: The railway Raumabanen, the river Rauma and the highway E136 - side by side near Bjorli in Romsdalen valleyPhoto: Snøhetta, 2286 metres above msl, is the highest mountain in Dovrefjell, and the highest in Norway outside JotunheimenPhoto: Salad field in HyggenPhoto: Tromsdalstinden, TromsøPhoto: Winter evening in Hyggen, by the Drammens fjordPhoto: View from Tromsø, with Tromsdalen church, also known as Ishavskatedralen (directly translated as "the polar ocean cathedral"), and the mountain Tromsdalstinden.Photo: Winter in Hyggen, outside DrammenPhoto: The mountain Stetind, with it's flat top, in Nordland in Northern NorwayPhoto: Canola field along the road. Taken on a lengthy bicycle ride, the evening sun appeared for the first time during the trip just as I had stopped to take a few photographs of the field :-) Hadn't brought any camera with me though, so the mobile phone had to do the job, but this is the first time I've ever been satisfied enough with a phone photo to actually upload it to any service... :-) (Nokia 820 w/ Windows Phone 8)Photo: Stetind, with it's very characterstic shape, a landmark in Nordland, Norway. Also a popular hiking destination, although ascent to the top requires some climbing. In spite of it's very steep sides, the top is flat, with the size of a couple of football fields.After highway 827, with a tunnel straight through the mountain, was opened in 1992, Stetind has become a lot more accessible than before, with about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Narvik.Photo: Light snow showers  passing over Tromsø a dark December day. This is taken around noon, but the town is located North of the Polar Circle, so the sun set in late November, and will reach above the horizon again mid January.Photo: Another shot from the same spot as the previous photo. Tromsø, Northern Norway, taken from the mountain Fløya (which may be reached by cable car). Light snow showers  passing over the town, a dark December day. The bridge connects the town, located on an island, to the mainland. This is around noon, in the polar night, which lasts from late November until mid January (the sun doesn't reach above the horizon during this period, so it's only dusk during the short day.Photo: Lot of snow this winter in the mountains between East- and South West Norway. From Hovden, Setesdal.Photo: Early moring light on Kongen and Dronninga - the King and the Queen, in Romsdalen, NorwayPhoto: The valley Romsdalen, seen from the peak Blånebba, along the hiking route Romsdalseggen ("Romsdal Edge"). Romsdalshorn, the peak to left, is one of Norway's most popular climbing mountains.Photo: B737 winglet over Kvaløya, an island in Troms, Northern Norway, as seen on climbout from Tromsø southwardsPhoto: The peaks of Beiartindene, rising up above a fjord South of Bodø in Norhern Norway.Photo: Marsh surrounding a small and shallow pond in Kvitdalen, Dovre mountains, Norway.Photo: Tromsøya island, with the city of Tromsø, in the winter evening.Photo: Rekvik is the small place where the road across the Northern part of Kvaløya island ends.Photo: Bjørnhollia is one of the many cabins operated by The Norwegian Trekking Association, and is located in the Rondane mountain range.Photo: The Troll Wall, Europe's highest vertical mountain wall, as seen from the ascent to the mountain Store Venjetinden (aka Vengetind).Photo: The mountain Blånebba, as seen from the ascent to the mountain Store Venjetinden (aka Vengetind). The popular hiking trail Romsdalseggen follows the edge from after Blånebba, and ends up in the town of Åndalsnes down by the fjord behind.Photo: Romsdalen is a valley in Northwestern Norway, surrounded by a very alpine terrain. The mountains furtherst away in the photo are Stor Venjetind (also called Vengetind) to the left and Romsdalshorn to the right.Photo: From Romsdalen, a valley in Northwestern Norway, with the mountain Store Venjetind (aka Vengetind) rising up behind.Photo: The mountain range Børvasstindene, as seen from one of it's peaks, Per Karlsatind. The mountains are located across the fjord South of Bodø in Northern Norway.Photo: Per Karlsatind, one of the peaks in the Børvasstindene mountain range, South of Bodø, Northern Norway.Photo: A calm day by the fjord inside the tidal current Åselistraumen, South of Bodø, Northern Norway.