55 Photos - Mar 14, 2011
Photo: The viewpoint pavilion at Hjerkinn in the Dovre mountains, opened in 2011, offers a fantastic view of Snøhetta (the peak to the right) and the surrounding mountains. The pavilion was designed by the famous Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta (yes, they have the taken their name from this mountain!), who are the architects behind large projects like Oslo Opera House, the Library in Alexandria and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York. The Viewpoint pavilion is open during the summer season, and requires a 20 minute walk to get there.Photo: Svånåtindene, seen from HjerkinnPhoto: From Hjerkinn, with Svånåtindene and Snøhetta in the backgroundPhoto: Hjerkinn Fjellstue (mountain lodge) with Snøhetta in the background (which is the highest mountain in the Dovre mountains, and the highest in Norway outside Jotunheimen).Photo: From Hjerkinn, with Svånåtindene and Snøhetta in the background (HDR version of similar photo uploaded earlier)Photo: Snøhetta engulfed in a cloud, which is formed around the mountain by the wind pushing the air upwards, resulting in cooling and condensation - and light snowfall on the top.Photo: On the way down from the peak of Dovrefjell's highest mountain, Snøhetta. The higher parts are engulfed in a cloud this day.Photo: Waterfall in the river Jore in SkamsdalenPhoto: The river Jore in the valley SkamsdalenPhoto: Part of the ancient King Road (Gamle Kongevei) from Oslo to Trondheim, which  is in good condition over Hjerkinnhø at HjerkinnPhoto: Fokstumyra nature reserve, Dovre mountainsPhoto: Fokstumyra, DovrePhoto: Fokstumyra nature reserve, Dovre mountainsPhoto: The marsh Fokstumyra, a nature reseve known for it's rich birdlife, in the Dovre MountainsPhoto: Hjerkinn-tur - Islandshester utenfor stallen på fjellstuaPhoto: The Icelandic horses of Hjerkinn Fjellstue & Fjellridning. A robust race well suited for riding in the mountains.Photo: The Icelandic horses of Hjerkinn Fjellstue & Fjellridning. A robust race well suited for riding in the mountains.Photo: Bluebell on HjerkinnhøPhoto: Snøhetta Western summitPhoto: Horses from Hjerkinn Fjellstue & Fjellridning wading over the river by HageseterPhoto: Hiking in the Snøhetta areaPhoto: T-trail sign Souh of Snøhetta, on the trail that goes around the mountain towards ÅmotsdalenPhoto: Trail throgh the valley between Svånåtindene and Snøhetta / LarstindPhoto: Trail towards Svånådalen, on the SW side of SnøhettaPhoto: T-marked hiking trail on the Southern side of Snøhetta. The Norwegian Tourist Association (Den Norske Turistforening - DNT) maintains and extensive network of T-marked hiking trails in the Norwegian mountain areas.Photo: DNT marked Hiking trail from Grimsdalshytta (lodge) to HjerkinnPhoto: Svåntindene and Snøhetta, seen from Highway E6's highest pointPhoto: Snøhetta, 2286 m amsl, with the Dovre line in foregroundPhoto: Hjerkinnhus and the railway station in the eveningPhoto: Hiking in KvitdalenPhoto: Fokstua railway stationPhoto: The main entrance at Fokstua stationPhoto: Vålåsjø station on the Dovre line, where trains now only occasionally stopPhoto: Hjerkinn railway stationPhoto: Kongsvold railway stationPhoto: A hiking trail starting at an underpass at the Dovre line close to KongsvoldPhoto: Hjerkinn and Hjerkinn Fjellstue, from GeitbergetPhoto: SnøhettaPhoto: Hjerkinn railway stationPhoto: Svånåtindene in evening lightPhoto: Snøhetta, 2286 metres above msl, is the highest mountain in Dovrefjell, and the highest in Norway outside JotunheimenPhoto: Hjerkinn, with Snøhetta in the backgroundPhoto: Ready for the day's riding trip with Hjerkinn Fjellstue & FjellridningPhoto: Crossing a stream on their way down from the summit of SnøhettaPhoto: Downwards from SnøhettaPhoto: Snøheim, which will once again become a tourist lodge, after having been inside the military shooting range in Dovrefjell since the fifties - but which is now beeing decommisionedPhoto: On the Eastern summit of SnøhettaPhoto: Hiking to the Eastern summit of SnøhettaPhoto: Svånåtindene and Snøhetta, from Viewpoint Snøhetta, Hjerkinn, Dovre, Norway. B&W version.Photo: Full moon over  the winter landscape at Hjerkinn, in Dovre mountains, NorwayPhoto: The red T tells that we are on one of the thousands of routes and trails marked by The Norwegian Trekking Association in the mountains and the wilderness in Norway.Photo: In the valley between Snøhetta and Svånåtindene, on our way to ascend Larstind. The mountain ahead is the highest peak of the Svånåtindene ridge, while the one to the far right is called Bruri ("The Bride").Photo: The peaks Langvasstind and Larstind form a portal out of the valley Storstyggsvånådalen, which is the valley between Snøhetta and Svånåtindene. Made from 2 photos stitched together.Photo: A side valley from Grimsdalen, Dovre mountains, with the waterfall Fallfossen.Photo: Fallfossen, a waterfall in a side valley to Grimsdalen, Dovre mountains.