41 Photos - Mar 14, 2011
Photo: Norwegian State Railways (NSB) BM75 FLIRT train running through snowy weather outside DrammenPhoto: Flytoget (Oslo Airport Express) BM71 train running through snowy weather outside DrammenPhoto: Norwegian State Railways (NSB) passenger train, pulled by EL18, running through snowy weather outside DrammenPhoto: Local train on the main line out of Drammen towards Oslo, in a cold and snowy day, leaving a cloud of drifting snow behindPhoto: BM71 Airport Express train (Flytoget), passing Lier outside DrammenPhoto: The Norwegian Railroad administration's MZ 1415 diesel electric locomotive struggling it's way up towards Hjerkinn and the peak of the Dovre line, hauling a work trainPhoto: NSB night train ready for departure at Trondheim station, for the long trip through the night to Bodø (Di4 diesel electric locomotive)Photo: Locomotive ghost (Di4)Photo: Flytoget BM71 Airport Express train at high speed through the winter landscapePhoto: Hector Rail freight train, pulled by a Class 161 locomotive, an extremely powerful electric type which earlier served as an NSB EL15, hauling heavy ore trains  between Kiruna and NarvikPhoto: BM71 Airport Express train (Flytoget), passing Lier outside Drammen, shortly after the service was extended to Drammen, South of OsloPhoto: The NSB Dovre Express passing the highest point of the Dovre line, with Snøhetta in the background (El18 electr. locomotive)Photo: NSB night train rolling out of Trondheim station a light summer evening, to spend the night on the Nordland line towards BodøPhoto: Tracks at Gulskogen, DrammenPhoto: Interlocking tower at Trondheim stationPhoto: The main entrance at Fokstua station, Dovre linePhoto: CargoNet freight train with El14 locomotive stops at Fokstua station, to await a crossing trainPhoto: Vålåsjø station on the Dovre line, where trains now only occasionally stopPhoto: A freight train and the Oslo-Trondheim express crossing at Hjerkinn station, Dovre linePhoto: Hjerkinn station, close to the highest point of the Dovre linePhoto: CargoNet freight train, pulled by two Di8 diesel electric locomotives, on Kylling bridge on the Rauma line towards ÅndalsnesPhoto: NSB BM93 diesel powered Multiple Unit crossing Stuguflåten bridge on the Rauma line in RomsdalenPhoto: The Rauma line, the rauma river and highway E136 run side by side through Romsdalen down towards Åndalsnes (this is right after Bjorli)Photo: NSB BM69 local train set in towards Drammen station, crossing the oldest of the railway bridges in this river townPhoto: Shifting freight cars at Trondheim st.Photo: Model railroad - No, it's just heavy editing, with simulated tiltshift effect, whcih makes it look like a miniature train. The train is an NSB BM69 local train, outside DrammenPhoto: CD66 with Cargonet freight train passing the station at Trondheim airport, VærnesPhoto: BM71 Airport Express train (Flytoget)Photo: BM71 Airport Express train (Flytoget), which operates Drammen- Oslo-Gardermoen airportPhoto: NSB BM72 electrical Multiple Unit, local train on the line Jærbanen running between Egersund and StavangerPhoto: Freight train with Swedish RC locomotivePhoto: NSB passenger train with a Di4 diesel electric locomotive up front at Bodø st., ready for the long trip to TrondheimPhoto: CargoNet Di8 locomotive with the "Paper train", which carried the products from Norske Skog Follum paper factory in Hønefoss to the harbor in Oslo - here passing Lier on the return tripPhoto: CD66 hauling a CargoNet freight train near Hell st.Photo: NSB local train, BM92 diesel powered Multiple Unit, approaching Hell station (yes, the name IS Hell, and the postcard showing the station building with the name sign is very popular among tourists!)Photo: Norwegian Railway Club historic train on the Rauma line, crossing the spectacular Kylling bridgePhoto: Norwegian Railway Club's steam engine type NSB 63a 2770 at Bjorli st.Photo: Norwegian Railway Club's steam engine type NSB 63a 2770 at Bjorli st.Photo: Norwegian Railway Club's steam engine type NSB 63a 2770, one of many such locomotives left by the Germans after WW2 and used by the Norwegian NSB for many years after, at Bjorli st.Photo: Historic train operated by Norwegian Railway Club on the Rauma linePhoto: Norwegian Railway Club's steam engine type NSB 30a 271 on the turntable at Bjorli