41 Photos - Sep 5, 2012
Photo: So this is what my day looks like.  I create a to do list, and I do my best to cross off as much as possible.  This?  It was a good day!Photo: Today one of my goals was to get all the items I needed for the #BagItForward shop I'm doing for #CBias.  I'm creating a #GlueCrew recycle box for Elmer's products to put in the art room.  The art teacher was enthusiastic.  I just hope my efforts are up to her standards!Photo: So this is what my car looks like halfway through the day. My goal is to have an empty passenger seat by the end of the day because I've gotten done all I need to.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when the wee ones are old enough to actually *sit* in the front seat!Photo: I dropped Mister Man at tae kwon do, and I have fifty minutes to finish my errands before picking him back up.  Much as I someday aim to have everything done so I can sit and read a book while he's there, usually I'm running to stores in town!Photo: My biggest disappointment of the day?  Dunkin' Donuts has finished their summer promotion of the $0.99 iced coffee between 3 and 6.  It's now fall flavor time.  I can justify splurging a dollar at a time on a regular basis, but that habit will be gone now until next May.  I'm so sad!Photo: Photo: It's definitely fall.  The decorations get cuter and cuter each year.  I love hay bales, and now they come in suburb size.  If I had a larger front porch, I would so love to use these.  Things like this make me smile.Photo: Why no, you aren't seeing that wrong.  That actually is yellow watermelon.  How fun!  And no, yellow doesn't mean it's GMO - something I wish WalMart didn't carry - but there are actually yellow watermelon varieties.  I have some heirloom seeds that I didn't grow this year, but it's inspiring me for next year.Photo: Now this is a cool new innovation.  I love how there are the little cards near many of the produce items sharing information about them.  More information is always good!Photo: More fruit was on my list - although I had stopped at a produce market earlier in the day.  I ended up not buying any though.  The plums I bought earlier in the day?  $0.69/pound....Photo: Bread was also on my list.  I usually bake my own bread, but it's 90 degrees outside, and I haven't baked in awhile.  There are cool looking flavors at decent prices, but I really prefer my bread to have the crunchy crust and pillowy inside.  These were all soft outsides so I ended up passing.Photo: Instead, I bought tortillas.  You can tell we live in an area that loves tortillas.  This was only the top of the display.  There was more on the sides.  It makes choosing tortillas a little hard (and seeing prices is a real challenge since they spill over), but I have my favorite.  We use tortillas in place of bread for sandwiches a lot.  It helps the wee ones keep sandwich fillings in instead of them falling all over.Photo: As I left the food and started to head to the Elmer's aisle, I walked through frozen foods.  Had I not been heading back to tae kwon do and then to an event with Mister Man, this English Toffee Crunch from #TCBYGrocery would have made it into my basket.  Yum!  This is how I curb my cravings - more errands!Photo: Are these not the cutest Hello Kitty things you've ever seen?  This was also on my way to Elmer's.  I'm bummed that Little Miss is absolutely not a girly girl, so I can't decorate her room with them, but I am definitely keeping them in mind for birthday gifts.Photo: More impulse shopping as I'm headed to the Elmer's aisle.  I've been looking for a new pair of navy shorts for months to replace a pair that is slightly ripped.  Unfortunately, navy seems to be a color few carry right now.Photo: But wait!  In another section, I found a pair of navy shorts.  And they're in my size. And they're on clearance.  I don't have time to try them on, but they're going in my cart regardless.  Yay to the return option if needed.Photo: I absolutely adore this shirt.  It's in the girl section, and it's Angry Birds.  And it's positive in its messaging - all things I need for Little Miss.  Unfortunately, the sizes were all too big, but when I have more time, I'm going to search for this shirt in a size that would fit her.  She'd love it!Photo: This was the back to school section the last time I was here, but now it's all transitioned.  We're definitely into fall.  I'm grateful that Halloween isn't everywhere and it's just fall.Photo: Before I made it to the Elmer's aisle, I passed the clearance section.  I almost bought the Lego Heroica game, as Mister Man loves Lego games.  There were two versions though (both pictured).  One was $11 and the other $25.  I didn't have time to figure out the difference, but I'll be back!  This is where I stock up on birthday gifts for the wee ones and their friends.Photo: Finally, I found the school aisle.  I "accidentally" discovered the pencil sharpeners.  Little Miss's classroom is currently without a pencil sharpener because it broke.  Again.  For less than $7, I am happy to provide a replacement - and hope that it lasts more than a couple weeks!Photo: The school supply section is so much smaller than it was even a week ago.  I did find some cool products there, though.  I hadn't seen the glitter glue before.  This has definite possibilities!Photo: This was one of the coolest things I saw for back to school.  It's a complete back to school kit in a bag that you can buy to donate - in a box at the store entrance.  It includes coupons worth over $35, and the entire kit was only $19 last time I checked.  Brilliant!  Helping others is easier than ever.Photo: Elmer's is also doing their part to help give back.  The 1st Day app for smart phones and tablets is a great way to securely share photos, and every photo uploaded is another donation.Photo: Looking at the glue, I discovered something new.  I had always assumed that the Elmer's products in the white bottle were all the same.  Nope, there is a multi-purpose glue that works on more materials.  I like the way you can apply glue in a bottle like this.  Definitely something to remember next time I need something stronger than my regular glue but not SUPER strong glue.Photo: Yay, I finally found the Elmer's aisle.  I did have to ask for help, but that's just because I realized time was ticking away fast.  There are so many possibilities here for creating my #BagItForward Glue Crew project!Photo: Again, I'm fascinated by the new options in glue.  I almost wish I were back in school where I had an excuse to use this regularly. I  love glitter.  It comes in red, blue, yellow, and green.  It almost all game home with me....Photo: Instead, I found a smaller size of more colors that works better for me.  I know I won't use the entire glitter glue of one color, but...five colors?  Love it!Photo: As part of my #BagItForward donation, I bought a few Elmer's glue sticks.  In fact, I bought out the supply in the store.  My apologies to the panicked mom who comes to the store after me searching for glue because she forgot to buy it.Photo: Getting "gorilla glue" was also on my list, as my tube mysteriously disappeared, and I have a repair project at home.  I sort of like the craft bond that Elmer's makes.  I didn't even know it existed, but I really appreciate the lack of harmful fumes!Photo: I ended up buying a similar product instead.  The craft bond comes in the container that I know and like.  The small tubes always end up squeezing out the top and getting wasted.  I'm hopeful that the dispenser like this will keep the glue where it belongs a little better.Photo: So yay I managed to get everything I needed.  I've got the Elmer's products to create my #GlueCrew donation box and an awesome donation I know our art teacher will appreciate.Photo: As I was leaving the store via a different exit, I noticed that my favorite box was still there.  This is where people can donate the school supplies, either that clear backpack or others they've purchased.  Look at how full it is!Photo: It's a good thing the clock in my car runs fast.  I managed to get all my errands done quickly, and Mister Man shouldn't have to wait for me after his class ends.  Fast clocks are my friend.Photo: Finally, I'm back home and ready to start assembling my #GlueCrew donation box.  Knowing it's going to the art teacher is a bit daunting, but I think I have what I need.Photo: I made the mistake of looking online.  On the #GlueCrew website, there are a ton of resources - everything from teacher lesson plans to examples of what to do with your box.  I'm now officially intimidated!Photo: In order to make a donation box, I need a box.  Fortunately for me, my husband doesn't do the best job of getting the recycling into the recycling bin.  I found several potential boxes in the garage!Photo: Before I started, I took a look on the #GlueCrew site to see what I needed to know.  I love that Elmer's has created a glue recycling program.  I think I have my ideas after doing my research.Photo: Lucky for me, one of the resources was templates you can download to make your donation box look better than it would otherwise.  I chose my .pdfs and got cracking!Photo: First step was to wash out the empty glue sticks I found at home.  It was surprisingly easy to get them clean just using warm water.Photo: And in the end?  This was the donation box I created.  It's simple, but I like it.  And with the open top, kids will be able to see the progress they're making collecting the empties.Photo: