59 Photos - Dec 31, 2009
Photo: Andrew (Geologist) reporting in.Photo: Johan (EMT) reporting in.Photo: Drew (Devil's Advocate) reporting in.Photo: Melinda (Nurse) reporting in.Photo: Civic (Rockin' Wheels) reporting in.Photo: Taken while waiting for the car's front brakes to stop spewing fire.Photo: Drew contemplates the inhospitableness of it all. Death Valley proper is the background.Photo: The Devil's Corn Field.Photo: :)Photo: :/Photo: Photo: Drew takes in the splendor.Photo: Prepping for Golden Canyon on a nipply day.Photo: Entrance to Golden Canyon.Photo: Melinda for scale.Photo: Seething mad at this superior vantage.Photo: Photo: Stranger for scale.Photo: Still Golden Canyon; it just kept on changing.Photo: Side canyon for a water break.Photo: Johan's break.Photo: Johan's break, a few minutes later.Photo: Saving this for next time.Photo: Photo: Rocks: "Crumble Crumble. Crumble."Photo: First view of the Cathedral.Photo: Point made.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Darkwing Drew.Photo: Photo: Making it look easy is most of the battle.Photo: The payoff for reaching the end of Golden Canyon.Photo: Photo: For most, a brief repose after a short hillside.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The texture was just absurdly crumbly here. Like a one-day downpour away from non-existence.Photo: Photo: Devil's Golf Course.Photo: Andrew's expert opinion was that this rocked pretty hard.Photo: Natural grids.Photo: We learned that a vast field of salt tastes salty.Photo: Photo: Badwater; lowest & hottest spot in Western Hemisphere.Photo: Photo: Drew savors the oxygen-enriched air of low elevations.Photo: It's hard to do a glamor shot of Badwater.Photo: That little thing in the very middle of the mountain is the marker for sea level.Photo: From whence the name Badwater originates.Photo: Canyon for Death Valley Arch. Teeny tiny person for scale.Photo: Once a waterfall.Photo: Sandstone.Photo: The acoustics were exemplary.Photo: Yeah yeah.Photo: Walking out of the canyon.Photo: I love this place more than any other place that I've been so far in my life you guys. I still think of it very often, and it's been several years. If you can go to Death Valley, you should go to Death Valley.