39 Photos - Aug 4, 2009
Photo: Johan's tent was truly great when it wasn't tipping over.Photo: Faithful Honda.Photo: On the Joshua Tree: "It's like a palm tree had a seizure."Photo: Desert ants on spilled chips; all gone the next morning.Photo: Photo: Such a bad dude.Photo: Photo: Park was EMPTY in Summer.Photo: You can go all over and it's always great everywhere.Photo: Our heroic camera would occasionally defeat the sun in near head-on clashes.Photo: Typically atypical rocks.Photo: Epic Egg.Photo: Photo: Dr. Seuss landscape.Photo: Exemplary rock surface for scaling.Photo: For participants in the last trip: This was the trail from that unforgettable night hike.Photo: Sweat & Johan's lame-o sunglasses.Photo: "There was only one hard part."Photo: We sat in the shade after I got to the middle and he got to the top of that mound over there.Photo: These rocks have been friends for a long time.Photo: Part of the Hidden Valley Trail.Photo: More Hidden Valley Trail.Photo: He tried to get me up here.Photo: I scoped out the lizards instead.Photo: "It's like a junkyard for rocks."
Note: My mother saw this very spot a week later, and she said the picture doesn't do it any justice. What's in front of you is quite freaking huge. Should have used a person for scale.Photo: Badass wedge.Photo: Nipples mercifully absent this time. All you see is TREE.Photo: Writhing flesh, frozen in ancient wood.Photo: This thing looks like it's about to lift off and zap us from orbit.Photo: Pod people. The natives roasted these for their seeds.Photo: At the end of the Hidden Valley Trail, your view suddenly explodes into this vast landscape.Photo: Looking back on Hidden Valley Trail.Photo: Escape From Hidden Valley Trail.Photo: This is the highest point in the park. The haze was very disappointing, but we could technically see the outline of the Salton Sea. Down below is Coachella Valley (with the festival) and the San Andreas Fault.Photo: This is a fun introduction to Chollas.Photo: The Cholla looks very pretty up close.Photo: Then as a unit, the Cholla becomes sort of this mix between fuzzy and menacing.Photo: Then as a field, the Cholla becomes a surreal horror show of happenstance survival aesthetic.Photo: It was great to discover that James T. Wilson's enchanting ad campaign continues into the present day.