88 Photos - Dec 10, 2009
Photo: Relieved he's finally here!Photo: Photo: Keziah!Photo: In all his 3.650 kg gloryPhoto: Keziah, really close upPhoto: Photo: Yeah, he's mad white and I need to shavePhoto: but he's my baby, it doesn't matter if he's black or whitePhoto: note the crossed-hands carrying techniquePhoto: The birth tired *both* of us out. And I still need to shavePhoto: pbbbttPhoto: Keziah + hand!Photo: Photo: playtime!Photo: handlebarsPhoto: yawning handlebarsPhoto: puzzling handlebarsPhoto: Funny handlebarsPhoto: De Brucker councilPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oma RilkePhoto: Opa JohnnyPhoto: TantAylaPhoto: Tante YirkaPhoto: Photo: Photo: At easePhoto: I'm outta here, suckahs!Photo: Under his birth treePhoto: Thanks Marie & Isabelle for the monkey!Photo: Photo: Photo: Asleep in his penguin suitPhoto: Look! I've shaved! Somewhat.Photo: An introduction to musicPhoto: Photo: The grandfathers get togetherPhoto: Photo: MaliliPhoto: The Evil Keziah ice grillPhoto: With the paternal grandparents. They seem pleased.Photo: Photo: The Superman posePhoto: Photo: Can you hear me?Photo: Photo: Chillin' in the crib.Photo: Photo: man and felinePhoto: Keziah meets CaetanoPhoto: Photo: glamour shot!Photo: Photo: 1st time meeting with my maternal great-grandmotherPhoto: Crossing the 4-generation gapPhoto: With great-uncle KrisPhoto: Thanks for the bear, Idil!Photo: Beautiful sweater brought back from Peru by TantAylaPhoto: Looking over my little polar bearPhoto: Like father, like sonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Keziah's first letter!Photo: Baby penguinPhoto: Photo: First meeting with Auntie NaimaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Nice and warm in Mommy-knitted shoesPhoto: SuperKeziah!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A sleeping duoPhoto: A sleeping trioPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: