13 Photos - Apr 7, 2013
Photo: Don Presley and Cheryl Barreca discussing the fine points of cracking eggs.Photo: Amethyst Display by Bruce Hurley at the 2013 Panorama Gem and Mineral ShowPhoto: April Barreca before Baby James was born.Photo: Sample small farm posting from http://www.mapmet.com/GMaps/Farms/FarmKML.htmlPhoto: Fat Man, the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.Photo: The feisty Gopher before it became lunch.Photo: Gray-C watching the gopherPhoto: The mad hatters at Mary Selecky's Easter party.Photo: Jan and Bruce Hurley at their High Desert Minerals table, 2013 Panorama Gem and Mineral Club rock show.Photo: James Anthony Houston in father Tony Houston's arms, 4/04/2013Photo: A long-toed salamander in the garden.Photo: Tulips waiting for more sunshine to open up.Photo: Joseph A Barreca Sr. (left) on Tinian, 1945