50 Photos - Jan 15, 2016
Photo: Some monument in Náměstí Svobody, the main square.Photo: Looking the other way across Náměstí Svobody.Photo: What do you think this is supposed to be?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Apparently it's normal for menus here to give the mass or volume of everything. And some mysterious numbers.Photo: Castle on the hill.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Creepy tomb...Photo: The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, on Petrov hill.Photo: Interesting sculpture.Photo: Me, through said sculpture.Photo: A theatre.Photo: Photo: Photo: Mozart, apparently. Must be cold running around naked in the middle of winter.Photo: What the tourist map had to say about it.Photo: Zelný trh in the morning.Photo: Photo: A large nativity scene in one of the few churches I was able to enter.Photo: Photo: Not bad.Photo: Nice ceiling too.Photo: Mahenova divadlo theatre was one of the first in Europe to have electric lighting.Photo: ... Hence the sculpture of lightbulbs nearby.Photo: Photo: I think this was the only fountain I found that actually had water running still.Photo: The Church of Saint Thomas and the Annunciation.Photo: Big horse.Photo: The Church of Saint James was right by my hostel.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A late lunch.Photo: Good to know...Photo: Getting snowy.Photo: Ah, but is it a WC?Photo: Snow.Photo: Footprints in the snow.Photo: The Red Church.Photo: I arrived at the airport a bit early, and half the lights were off. This was a little later but the check-in counters and security checkpoint were still closed.Photo: The one place to buy food past security.Photo: There were two gates for our flight, and a little holding pen.Photo: Walking across the snow to the plane.Photo: Ryanair.Photo: Last look back at the terminal building.