22 Photos - Jan 11, 2016
Photo: Interesting spiral staircase at Thi's place (for Charlotte).Photo: Session in a side room at the main New Year's Eve bal, where I had some of my favourite dances. I even enjoyed the bagpipes.Photo: Photo: Photo: One of the bands in the main room at the New Year's Eve bal. I think this was the one who played a mix of Latin-American music, including some salsa and some Forró.Photo: Photo: The Friday night 'session with dancing', towards the end when it was getting less crowded.Photo: Photo: The last remaining session on Friday night. Not really much room to dance though, just lots of fiddles.Photo: Dancing fiddlers! Impressive.Photo: Photo: Farewell bal/concert on Saturday night, with the first band before it got too busy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I can't remember why I took a photo of Clover.Photo: Swedish tunes perhaps? Or maybe Danish?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I'm not sure what everyone's looking at.Photo: