119 Photos - Nov 19, 2013
Photo: In Amizmiz, where we met our guide, had tea, and left some of our bags. This is the view from the cafe where we had tea with our guide.Photo: Another view from the cafe.Photo: Taking some of our bags to the garage where we left them.Photo: Photo: Leaving Amizmiz behind.Photo: Photo: Joanna kept stopping to take photos, then running to catch up with the rest of us.Photo: Photo: A well at the first village we came to.Photo: Pipe from the well to a trough for animals to drink from.Photo: Photo: Photo: The village where we stopped for lunch.Photo: Bread oven on the right, and tagine cooking over coals on the left.Photo: Bread cooked in the oven in the previous picture, or one like it. Apparently they stick the dough to the side of the oven, hence the curved shape.Photo: Photo: Starting with bread and tea...Photo: Photo: The tagine arrives...Photo: Eating tagine with bread: rather than using cutlery, you tear off a bit of bread and use that to mush the tagine and grab a bite's worth.Photo: Kids in the village.Photo: Prickly pears.Photo: Photo: Photo: Our party, including donkey, donkey man and guide.Photo: I forget the story of this house.Photo: Crops on the way to the village where we stayed our first night.Photo: The central courtyard of the house where we spent our first night of the trek.Photo: Afternoon tea, I guess? More bread and tea, plus some biscuits.Photo: Having a look around the village.Photo: Photo: This was a fairly typical street.Photo: Walking along the canal bringing water from a spring to the village for irrigation.Photo: Photo: Looking back towards the village from just outside.Photo: Looking back towards the village from further around the hill.Photo: Photo: Goats on the hillside.Photo: Photo: You can still just see the goats...Photo: Looking back towards the cities as the lights came on. I think that is Marrakech on the horizon.Photo: Photo: Dinner being cooked.Photo: Photo: Photo: Bread cooking in the old kitchen.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dinner is served!Photo: Photo: It happened that there was a wedding in the village the night we were staying there, so we were able to watch some of the celebrations, after the bride and groom had left. About half the men were dancing in a circle and singing, while the women, children and the rest of the men watched. Many of the women and children were on the rooftop; you can see a few of them at the top of this photo.Photo: Women and children on the rooftop.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Setting out the next morning.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The donkey leads the way.Photo: Photo: Stopping for a drink.Photo: Photo: Nice little valley for a quick break.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Approaching the village where we had lunch on the second day.Photo: I think this was a kiln.Photo: Pottery tools.Photo: Photo: In the kiln.Photo: Photo: Photo: The view from the terrace where we ate our lunch.Photo: Fancy house, on our way out after lunch and a nap.Photo: A primary school just outside the village, for children from that village and neighbouring ones. We got to visit it and talk to the (two) teachers, which was interesting.Photo: A small village across the valley.Photo: Looking up the valley.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: In the village where we spent the second night of the trek.Photo: Caves, where apparently Portuguese people used to live many years ago.Photo: Walking to the spring.Photo: Looking through the fence at the spring.Photo: Photo: Photo: This place was more of a guesthouse, and had at least 4 levels (probably more) sprawled down the hillside. The room with the open door is where we slept.Photo: Looking down the street.Photo: The caves again in the morning.Photo: Heading on out.Photo: Photo: Photo: Bridge to nowhere.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sheep in the field.Photo: Part of the place where we had lunch on the last day.Photo: Lunch. Even more food!Photo: Two tagines this time, and only a little smaller.Photo: Photo: Photo: Back in Amizmiz, we headed to the weekly market to have a bit of a look around.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Colourful spices.Photo: Apparently if you want to eat something you can take your ingredients to these places and they will cook it for you on the spot.