35 Photos - Feb 15, 2011
Photo: A plaque on the building opposite where I was standing.Photo: The front of the parade.Photo: The first of many marching bands.Photo: Garfield.Photo: Photo: Photo: Miniature steam engines.Photo: Photo: These cheerleaders came along several times, but never stopped facing me.Photo: Pearly Kings and Queens.Photo: One of several donkeys (25, apparently) from the Donkey Breed Society.Photo: More donkeys.Photo: Photo: Silver bells and cockle shells.Photo: Western Country Dancers from Texas.Photo: Flipping over quickly.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Alice in Wonderland.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Penny-farthing.Photo: This car apparently needed a hand.Photo: Photo: Photo: Some of these cars are really quite small.Photo: Photo: Lots of minis.Photo: Big motorbikes and trikes.Photo: Photo: A camera with its own umbrella.Photo: